How to Download and Use Apple Music Classical on Android?

Apple leaves no stone unturned to enthrall its users. It often comes up with new and exciting applications to keep iOS users engaged and occupied. One such new addition to Apple’s app drawer is the Apple Music Classical.

As the name suggests, this app is about listening to the latest tracks on your iPhone and pampering the music lover inside you. It is now available as a free download for Apple Music subscribers. The app is widely applauded for offering a seamless music streaming experience at no cost.

However, the growing popularity of Apple Music Classical leaves Android users envious of their iOS counterparts, leaving them to find a way out to get the app on their smartphones. So, here the question arises – is Apple Music Classical available for Android users, or will the app launch its Android version anytime soon?

If you are looking for answers, this guide might show you some light in the darkness. Scroll down the page and learn if you can download Apple Music Classical on Android. The guide also covers every tidbit of this latest app to explain what’s the hype all about.

What is Apple Music Classical?

It’s what exactly the name suggests!! Apple Music Classical is a standalone music streaming platform launched with the intent to offer the best experience to classical music lovers. It is solely dedicated to those with an inclination toward the classic tracks.

This app is available at no extra cost, thus allowing Apple Music subscribers the whole new experience they deserve. With this, you can easily find an enormous library of recordings from the world’s largest classical music catalog. Apple Music Classical offers a fully-optimized search, so you can enjoy an effortless music streaming experience at your disposal.

The best thing about this app lies in its spatial audio feature, which assures to offer the highest audio quality. This app is available on the Apple App Store for free, and you can easily download it with a few simple taps.

Besides pampering classical music lovers, this app also caters to the requirements of other music genres. So, whether you are listening to classical music for the very first time or a hardcore fan of the same, this app has everything to make your experience one-of-a-kind.

The Key Features of the Apple Music Classical

Wondering what exactly makes Apple Music Classical worth trying? Scroll down the page and find the key features of this newly-launched app, and see whether or not it’s worth trying.

  • Features the world’s largest classical music catalog

The most obvious feature that makes Apple Music Classical worth adding to your app collection is its massive library of classical music tracks. You’ll be amazed to find that the app is home to over 5 million tracks, making it the world’s largest classic music library, covering the whole spectrum, ranging from forgotten gems to celebrated recordings.

  • Simple Interface

Apple Music Classical is designed to amp up your music experience and not to test your technical expertise. Hence, makers have equipped this application with a simple and friendly interface, so you can use it without undergoing tutorials. It ensures listeners always know what and who they are listening to while laying down every important detail at a glance. Moreover, it offers a simple search experience to users, so they can easily find their favorite tracks and kickstart their music streaming experience.

  • Best audio quality

The next important feature you shouldn’t overlook about Apple Music Classical is its highest-quality audio. Do you know this app can offer lossless audio of up to 24-bit, so you can experience the nuances of every performance?

With this music streaming app, you can enjoy an astoundingly clear and crisp sound so that every note feels close enough to touch.

  • Easy Exploration

Finally, what makes Apple Music Classical stand above the rest is its simple exploration, Its browse tabs help listeners to explore the largest classical music catalog in the world with a swipe of their fingertips. It features multiple filters that make your search process easier and effortless. Moreover, you can use classical genres to find your favorite track from this crowded music universe.

Is Apple Music Classical available for Android users?

Honestly speaking, the name “Apple Music Classical” says it all!! It is an Apple standalone music streaming app accessed by using your Apple Music subscription. But if you still need a clear answer about whether Apple Music Classical is available for Android smartphones, then it is a big NO.

This app is only available on the Apple App store, and music lovers can download it for free to get the bang for their buck.

However, there’s a ray of hope for Android users as well. Apple Music Classical will launch for Android smartphones, too, according to app developers. However, the exact release date isn’t yet available.

This app has been a long time in the making, and it’s no surprise that Apple puts iPhone users on priority at launch. It is one of the few apps that Apple made for Android users. But you must keep in mind that the application still requires an Apple Music subscription to get started.

Don’t start daydreaming, as no exact launch date is yet available, and Android users have to wait for a while to drown themselves in the classical music world. Till then, you can use other mediums to satiate your cravings for classical music tracks.


While music has undergone many changes throughout its journey, the craze for classical tracks is still intact. So, if you own an iPhone and love classical music, then don’t look further. Download Apple Music Classical from the Apple App Store, and start listening to them right away.

However, if you are an Android user, then you have to wait for this one-of-a-kind application. Apple has confirmed its launch on Google Play Store, but the date is still not revealed in public. Have some patience, and bookmark this page to know upcoming information about the app’s Android release. We will update the post as soon as we get any new detail about the same.

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