PriceBlink: Compare Prices While Shopping online at Single Place

From the heading, you might have guessed what we are talking about. PriceBlink is a site where you can find the price of the same product on the various online shopping stores. These days, we all do all things online. Those days are gone we used to keep albums of photos as a memory and then laptops and computers took the place of it and now cloud storage and with mobile phones, we can have easy access of them in a single tap on the screen. The similar is a thing is with shopping. Earlier, we used to head to the shops to buy clothes and all the other things (Even these days, sometimes we visit them, but rarely) but with the digitization, this has been taken over by online stores.

Amazon, Wal-Mart, Alibaba, Taobao, Flipkart, and many others are some online giant stores which have multi-billion dollar business worldwide. Online shopping is convenient and easy as you can just select anything according to your choice and size then you can place the order. You get the product delivered at your doorstep. But the problem of price comparisons still remains the same. Just like shops, while online shopping you need to visit all the major sites to compare the price of the product you want to buy and on which you find the cheaper rates you can make your purchase.

But to make all these things even easier, PriceBlink is there for you. PriceBlink is a web application that lets you know the product you want to buy on the various online shopping sites. PriceBlink has more than 12,000 online stores and more than 4000 online merchants to compare the price of the product. You can compare the price of the products and you can select any online store you think is trustworthy for you at the cheaper price. Along with comparing prices from multiple online stores, PriceBlink will notify you about big sales offers, coupons, and other occasional offers on online shopping sites.

What is PriceBlink?

From the introduction, you might have got what PriceBlink is? In simple words, PriceBlink is a website where you can find the listing of the price of the product you want to buy from various online stores. For example, if you want to buy an LG TV of any specific models online then PriceBlink tell the different price of the same model of TV on all the online store. You can compare the price and service of the store and then you can place the order. PriceBlink makes your online shopping experience easier.

What are the features and Benefits of PriceBlink?

Now you know the main function of PriceBlink and what it does but here are some other functions and offerings from PriceBlink.

Compare the prices and find the products at cheaper rates with PriceBlink – PriceBlink offers you the listing of the price of a product on various online stores so you can compare the price and select the online shopping where you can get it for lowest rates.

Offers money-saving Coupons – PriceBlink will alert you about coupons if available for any site so you can save some money while shopping from that online store.

You will be notified Offers and Sale – When you are checking prices and comparing them on PriceBlink you will be notified of any offers or discount sale is available on the store you are checking. PriceBlink will never make you miss any festive discount offers or stock clearance.

Check Product Ratings – On PriceBlink, you can check and compare the product ratings. You can also read some reviews by other users for the product you want.

One-Stop Place – You can find the price, ratings, and reviews, of the product from multiple sites at one place and that is PriceBlink. So now instead of checking all the major online stores one by one you can check them on PriceBlink and save your time.

Available as Add-on – PriceBlink add-on and PriceBlink extension can be added on all the major web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, This add-on also featured in several reviewers’ must-have browser extensions list.

Final Words:

So now you know what to do before embarking on a mission of buying something from an online store. You can easily compare prices of the same product on various online shopping websites at a single place on PriceBlink. There are a few tools like PriceBlink in the market but PriceBlink is first of its kind and remain the best among them all. Tell us in the comment box, which is your favorite tool to compare prices on various websites. If you have any suggestion or feedback then you can write to us through the comment box.

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