PrankDial: Best Prank App for Prank Calling

Preamble – PrankDial is one of the best prank call app and most popular prank call app with more than 300 million prank calls sent. PrankDial lets you send the pre-recorded call to your friends and have fun. It is believed to be the best spoof calling app in the market right now. It offers features like Caller ID spoofing where your phone number will appear as an unknown number to other person’s mobile phone. In this post we would like to tell you about PrankDial and how can you use Prank Dial. You will learn how to make a spoof call for free and how to make your cell phone number unknown to other mobile phones.


What is PrankDial? – PrankDial is self-proclaimed world’s number 1 prank calling service. You can use this app to make a spoof call and its voice recognition software will make your friends think they are speaking to a real person.

  • PrankDial lets you perform functions such as:
  • Select from hundreds of pre-recorded prank call scenarios
  • With PrankDial send Pre-recorded to your friends for free
  • PrankDial lest you listen to their reactions afterward
  • You will get call history of all your friends’ reactions
  • Users can even submit their reactions so that other people of the PrankDial community can rate/comment on them.
  • Free users can also save calls to their own prank call history

Features of PrankDial

  • Send Prank Calls – You can send hilarious and automated sound prank calls to your friends and relatives and you can also record them to listen to them later.
  • Free Prank Call Unlimited – After buying tokens, you can send free prank call unlimited to any number.
  • Make Your Number as Unknown Number – Users can make fake caller ID in the spoof calling and make the calling number appear as if it is from any number that you want or an unknown number.
  • PrankDial App – PrankDial is available for Android and iOS apps. It can also be used on its website.
  • PrankDial Premium Features – Users get three free calls per day, you can send more calls and for that, you have to earn or buy tokens.
  • You can choose from over 150+ prank calls and new pranks are added regularly

How to Use PrankDial

The process of using PrankDial is really simple. Once you open the PrankDial app on Android, iOS or website, you will know what to do to place spoof call without requiring any technical knowledge but still if you find it hard to use prankdial then follow the procedure given below:

  1. You can use PrankDial from its website, iOS app, or Android app and send calls through them.
  2. Choose your medium (Either of the Android or iOS App or Website)
  3. After choosing medium simply sign-in and if you are not registered, make an account.
  4. Next, choose a scenario such as “You Hit My Car,” “Why You Call My Girlfriend”, “Pizza Delivery”, “Why You Call Me”, and many more.
  5. Select the number you want to make a call (Your friends or family member’s number)
  6. Send the prank call.

Note: The basic service is free and you don’t have to pay a charge for it but if you want to use PrankDial to its fullest you have to purchase tokens.

How to get more tokens in PrankDial

There are many ways to get tokens in PrankDial. You shall see offers, videos, purchases, and sharing buttons on the “Get Tokens” page on the website as well as mobile apps. But the easiest thing to do is purchase tokens using an in-app purchase or credit card.  If you want to earn free token then you can earn tokens by watching videos or by completing offers.

Users can now earn tokens by sharing the app with friends in its refer and earn offer.

Benefits of PrankDial Tokens

There several benefits of being PrankDial token user. Here are some of the premium benefits of PrankDial token users.

  • Token users can send calls after 10 PM
  • Free tokens are lost if your call didn’t get picked up or go to voicemail.
  • No ads if you have purchased tokens
  • Prankdial token users can make an International call
  • No PrankDial promo at the end of calls
  • PrankDial token users get instant email support from its team

What happened to Prank Dial? Why PrankDial is down?

In recent days if you have tried visiting PrankDial’s website or apps then you might have noticed that they are working. The questions of why prankdial is not active or why prankdial is shut down are rising nowadays.

Right now PrankDial apps and website are shut down for maintenance purpose according to our test on its iOS app but PrankDial website doesn’t show any under maintenance note. It is still unclear when PrankDial will be back and users will be able to make a spoof call with fake Caller ID.

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