Pokemon This Gym of Mine ROM Hack Download

What about running your own Pokemon gym? Sounds interesting? Well, for starters, that’s not a joke, and secondly, it is not as challenging as you are thinking right now!!

Pokemon: This Gym of Mine lets you step into the shoes of all the gym leaders of the Kanto region, so you can battle off against challengers that drop by your gym to get a badge. This is a simulation game, thus keeping you hooked for longer than expected.

It is the latest fan-made version in which you improve your fighting skills, become the ultimate gym leader, and develop a town around your gym to attract new customers. Want to know more about Pokemon: This Gym of Mine ROM Hack download? Don’t worry, as we’ve done some research for you. Take a look at this comprehensive tutorial and see what grabs your attention.

Pokemon: This Gym of Mine – A Complete Story Walkthrough

Since Pokemon: This Gym of Mine is a fan-made game, you can expect a customized story that fits most of the gamers’ desires and preferences. This game mainly entices gym lovers, as it gives you a chance to be a gym leader and train your favorite Pokemon.

The game focuses on over 120 unique challenges for you to battle, as well as six Pokemon teams per gym leader to maintain a balance. And don’t overlook the gym decorations while you are at the shop, so that your gym space will stand out from the crowd.

Speaking of the key feature that gives this game a competitive edge over others is its ability to transport the gamer between the past and the present. Every gamer has their own stats system that will be used to check every piece of information that is related to them. Moreover, it also gives you the chance to catch more Pokemon, thus increasing your chances of winning.

The final objective of being a gym leader and training Pokemon is to battle off the challenge with other gym leaders and their trainees. Remember, the stronger the challenger, the higher the reward in terms of reputation points. Hence, choose your challenger wisely. Also, if the leader loses too many challenges, he or she could be fired. Thus, you need to balance rebuilding the city with training Pokemon to win maximum challenges.

Regarding Pokemon: This Gym of Mine ROM hack, it is launched by Thommaz using RPG Maker XP codebase/ engine in English. It’s already available over the internet and frees the game from the claws of emulators or other additional software.

Also, this hack is available for all devices, including Windows/ Mac/ Android/ iOS. Thus, you can download it irrespective of the system. So, are you ready to use it? Scroll down and find out the step-by-step instruction to download it.

Here’s how to download the Pokemon: This Gym of Mine ROM Hack

It’s time to disclose the guidelines for downloading the Pokemon: This Gym of Mine ROM Hack. The process is simple but requires attention, so you can avoid any hassle in the future. Below are mentioned the steps to download this ROM hack.

Remember that downloading the ROM hack is similar to getting the game on your system from a third-party application. Follow the instructions carefully and get set to lose in the world of your favorite Pokemon.

  1. Navigate to Google Chrome or any other modern and updated browser on your device and type “Pokemon: This Gym of Mine ROM Hack” in the search engine box.
  2. Multiple results will appear on the screen, and you must pick the one that seems trustworthy and reliable.
  3. Once you enter the third-party website, scroll down to the download link. In most cases, you will find two links, Mediafire Link and Google Drive Link. Tap on any of them, and a new page will open.
  4. There, you will find the zip file and a Download button. Click to get the file and wait for a few seconds until the download completes.
  5. Once done, extract the file and follow the on-screen prompts to install this hack.


The Pros and Cons of Downloading Pokemon: This Gym of Mine ROM Hack

Now that you know how to get the Pokemon: This Gym of Mine ROM Hack on your system, it’s time to find out if the process is worth investing in your energy and time. Hence, to eradicate your dilemma, we have rounded off the pros and cons of this hack.

Remember that while Pokemon: This Gym of Mine isn’t immune to glitches and bugs, it’s still a fun and exciting experience. Let’s have a look.


  • The gameplay is interactive, gripping, and somewhat similar to other Pokemon games, thus eliminating the extra learning curve for beginners.
  • The story of building a town around the gym adds extra motivation for the player while keeping them on edge.
  • Plenty of challenges and battles to keep you involved
  • Free to play and requires no emulators


  • While the town building serves as an extra motivation, it also distracts players from the core gameplay of being a gym leader.
  • Since the game is fan-made, it is prone to occasional glitches and bugs that might influence your gaming experience.
  • The game might be overwhelming for new players who are not well-versed in the Pokemon franchise and kicking off their Pokemon experience.



Pokemon: This Gym of Mine is one the most gripping games, leaving you floating in a state of thrill and amusement. It comes with plenty of tasks and challenges that keep you glued to the screens. This ROM hack allows you to play the game without an emulator or any other additional software, thus making the overall gaming easy and fun. However, the game is susceptible to errors and bugs, thus distracting the gamers from enjoying the thrill they deserve or might be looking for.

That’s all about the guide on downloading the Pokemon: This Gym of Mine ROM hack. If you like the tutorial and find it helpful, then share your feedback with us.

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