How To Play Music Through Mic Windows 10?

If you are a fan of games and use YouTube or Twitch, you might have noticed vloggers use their screen to play video while also speaking through their mics. To get such facilities, you might have thought that you would have to buy high-end tools and gadgets that may make a big hole in your pocket. Many users use their mic while playing a video or music over the screen, even at Discord discussions. Well, this is not a difficult thing to perform on your Windows 10 PCs. It is easy to learn how to play music through Mic in Windows 10.

However, if you go on your own to turn on this function on your PC, you may lose track. The default configuration on the PC may not allow you to perform this action, but it is possible. If you are also a vlogger on a budget and want to interact with your audience this way, it is very convenient to use such an in-built feature available on Windows 10 powered PC.

Here, we have provided a guide on how to play Music through Mic Windows 10.

Using ‘Stereo Mix’ to Play Music Through Mic

If you want to record and play the mic input at the same time, enable stereo mix as your recording device. Then choose ‘speakers’ as your default playback device. Therefore, it will capture all sound played on your PC and play it through your speakers (other programs such as Spotify or Groove Music will still only come out of the headphones).

Note: Stereo Mix is available on the devices available after 2015, so if you have an assembled PC made almost six years ago, you have to use third-party software. The guide is given in the next section.

Setup Default Playback Device

To change the default audio device setting, right-click on the taskbar’s volume icon and select Sounds.

Now click on the ‘Playback’ tab in the settings and click on the “Speakers.” Here, you can Select change the Default Device from its options.

Enable Stereo Mix and Make it Default Recording Device

Windows 10 has a few features that may be new to you at first, but you’ll soon realize just how valuable they are. You can use Stereo Mix if you want your voice or any background sound to play through the speakers rather than the mic on your computer. However, Windows 10 disables the Stereo Mix option by default. You need to enable it in order to use your microphone for music.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Sound’ settings, and click the ‘Recording’ tabs.
  2. A feature called Stereo Mix will now be available to you on your PC. This is an audio recording device that you can use by simply right-clicking on it, enabling it for your next Skype call, and allowing the microphone of any device (e.g., built-in laptop microphone or external USB headset) to listen in.
  3. Now the status of the “Stereo Mix” will be “Ready” so you can use it.
  4. Here, you will have to make it the default recording device. In order to do that, click on “Stereo Mix” and select the “Set Default” option on the window.
  5. The status will not be changed to “Default Device.”
  6. After finding the right option, you can also set it as a default device by right-clicking on “Stereo Mix.”

Once all is done, you have to click on the “Apply” option and select “Ok” shown at the bottom of the setting popup window. Now reboot your system, and you will be able to play music through Mic on windows 10 PC.

Using VoiceMeeter App to Play Music through Mic

As stated above, Stereo Mix is not available on old computers; you can use third-party programs. Many available programs across the web do the job, and they all vary in pricing and features.

‘VoiceMeeter’ was initially produced for the Windows platform, but it soon branched out into other platforms. It boasts a simple yet powerful GUI that allows you to experience how much you’ve been missing by never previously experimenting with software designed for voice alterations. It will enable you to play music and audio through a mic.

Software such as this has a lot of uses, including streamers who wish to better communicate with their audience and gamers who want to the mic, which was closer to the speaker more clearly.

  1. Search for VoiceMeeter on Google or visit to download the suitable version of the program according to your preferences. Install it and restart the PC.
  2. In the VoiceMeeter program, click anywhere on the Hardware Input, and connect the mic you wish to play audio or music through.
  3. Once it is done, select the output audio device by clicking on the screen anywhere on the “Hardware Out” panel. It is shown right-side of the popup window, and choose the speakers of your choice in the list.
  4. Now go to Windows Settings. For that, search for Settings in the Search menu or use Windows + I as a keyword shortcut and select “System” in the settings screen. Here, you will see the system setting page—select “Sound” from the left sidebar.
  5. Just scroll down in the Sound setting, and you will see “Advanced Sound Options” under “Advanced Volution Device Preferences.”

Now play music on your PC. There are so many different ways to play it, depending on what type of music player you prefer. You can use an app on your PC, the Windows Media Player that comes with your computer, or you can open a browser and search for a streaming service like Spotify, for example. If you’re looking into troubleshooting sound issues, you want to go to the ‘App volume device preferences’ page and look at what media player is responsible (in our case, it’s Groove Music).

  • Now Click on the dropdown menu beneath “Output” for the program you want to play music through Mic. Then, select “VoiceMeeter” input. It can be shown as VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO.
  • This is the best way to play music through Mic on Windows 10 PC. In order, t verify it, navigate the “VoiceMeeter” panel. Once all is done successfully, you will be able to play music through the mic on the PC.

In the top-right corner, you will see the MAIN OUT, which PC speakers and Virtual Output, music playing through the Mic. It will be in an equalizer design. That is, the whole process of playing an app’s sound through your microphone can be done with ease, plus proper audio routing for all other processes taking place on your computer! To solve this dilemma, VoiceMeeter enables you to change the audio output of individual applications, so they play through your microphone.


This is how you can change setting within your Windows 10 PC to play music through the mic while streaming live on YouTube, Twitch, or other platforms. You can also listen to music with your friends on a video chat. Plus, this will be helpful to add commentary in a business presentation.

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