Outside AC Unit Not Turning On? See How You Can Know the Problem

Nowadays every residential or official air conditioning system are of split systems. These systems have an outside compressor unit and an evaporator unit outside. If your AC system is a kind of heat pump the outside-inside roles get reversed to the heating season instead of cooling one. And on any occasion, if one of the units of the system is running properly but other isn’t the, you can check by yourself what actually is the real problem behind if AC outside unit won’t turn on.

Outside AC Unit Not Turning On

If outside AC is not turning on but inside is running smoothly as it is then it might be the issue with the supply of power. So the first and simple step would be to check whether the switch of power supply of outside unit is turned or not. In some cases, a separate circuit breaker is set for the outside unit so it could be a good idea to check if the circuit breaker is working properly, is it tripped? After doing all this, still you are facing the same outside AC unit not turning on problems then, it could be a problem with the compressor or fan, and they might have been broken. In these cases, a repairman might recommend you to replace the system if the compressor is dead. Or any hungry technician would recommend replacing the entire cooling system instead of the actual shot compressor, but it has a positive side too, as it comes with a warranty and it works more efficiently and effectively.

So, these are some quick tips if outside AC gets turned off in this summer and is not turning back on, there might be cases when the inside unit fan runs but doesn’t blow cool air, so check on the points below.

  • Check by yourself if the thermostat is set to cool. Make sure it is set.
  • If it is set on cool, then try setting it at least 6 degrees below the indoor temp.
  • Check by yourself for the tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.
  • In old houses, there is a fuse box in the electrical panel while new homes have a circuit panel. So if the Fuse box has been blown then replace it, in case of a circuit breaker, watch for a tripped circuit and then flip it to “OFF” and then turn it back to ‘ON”.
  • Some ACs have a fuse at the shutoff box, try replacing that fuse too if it could help.
  • Try resetting the air conditioner system

Some ACs have “RESET” buttons near the outside AC unit. Try pushing this switch to check if it helps and if your system does not have reset switch then try this;

  1. Switch off your Air Conditioner at the thermostat
  2. Keep it off till 5-10 minutes
  3. Turn it back ON again.

These small quick tips might help you and if this tricks on how to solve outside AC unit not turning on but inside bring only temporary solution then, try calling AC repair services.

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