Narutoget: What Happened to Top Alternative Narutoget to Watch Anime Online

I mean if you are an anime fan then you must be familiar with Naruto Shippuden anime series. Now if you Naruto Shippuden lover then you might have heard about which was a website where you can get all the latest episodes of this series with English subtitles and even English dubbed version. So, Narutoget was a website where users were able to download, of course, all the series and episodes of Naruto Shippuden along with all the other anime movies and series as well.


But now NarutoGet or is not available. Why Narutoget is not available? What happened to Narutoget? The answer is simple. Just like many illegal sites that host movies and TV shows for free download, NarutoGet also went down. But anime fans don’t have to be hopeless as there are a number of online anime streaming sites that also offer free download options.

In the world of the internet, it is quite simple to get streaming experience for free, it doesn’t matter if you prefer movies, series, or anime. Here, we are going to tell you about some of the best similar sites like NarutoGet which are also among the best anime sites to watch anime online free in 2021.

New Narutoget Site | NarutoGet Proxy and Mirrorlink

Before digging the best similar sites like Narutoget, it is better to look into the new proxy of NarutoGet. And while researching on the internet for Narutoget, I found the clone of NarutoGet. So, users who still want a dedicated site for their favorite TV series then NarutoGet can be accessed at

Now without further ado, let’s find some more free anime streaming/downloading sites.

The Best Narutoget Alternatives


JustDubs is one of my favorite anime sites which has a lot of potentials to become an alternative to Everything is in the name of the site. This anime site has a catalog of Japanese anime movies, series, and even manga series for free, that too in English. Every anime video on this website is available in English audio so, anime fans who hate subtitles will find hundreds of anime shows in the English language.

Comparing to Narutoget, this site has many more anime shows. The description and the details of the anime episode title may not be as great as on Narutoget but we assure you that this site won’t let you down with its amazing collection.


While we are looking for the top alternative to Narutoget, we have another exact similar website called NarutoSpot. Just like Narutoget, NarutoSpot is totally free and viewers will find a massive catalog of Naruto Anime Show. Viewers from multiple countries will different languages with finding Naruto Shippuden and Naruto in more than 8 dubbed languages audio.

Just like NarutoGet, you will find every episode with in-depth details. As a Naruto fan, you will not be disappointed with what this site has to offer. So, without a doubt, you need to check out this one of the best alternatives to Narutoget.


You are not an anime fan if you haven’t visited Kiss-Anime once in a life. KissAnime is obviously one of the top Narutoget alternatives but it is more than that when it comes to other anime collection. KissAnime is a huge name among anime fans. This site allows users to watch every latest episode of any popular anime series only a few hours of its broadcast in Japan.

All the collection of anime on Kiss-Anime can be accessed without registration. The site runs a few ad banners on the website but they can be blocked with an Ad Blocker installed on the web browser.


GoGoAnime is another best site on the internet that offers an anime streaming platform for absolutely free. It has got Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Boruto, and many more popular shows and movies. This site can be among the best NarutoGet alternatives in 2021 with a massive collection which is better than NarutoGet.

GoGoAnime can be accessed at Everything is well-organized and with the search option, users can find numerous anime titles within a few seconds. So, this can really be one of the best free anime websites to watch anime online.

Bottom line

These are the best NarutoGet websites that can be accessed on all the devices with an internet connection. You can also try NarutoGet proxies given above. There are many more similar sites like Narutoget to watch anime online, you can put their names in the comment box.

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