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What is MyVidster? – MyVidster is the first kind of social video sharing and bookmarking website that lets you collect and share your favourite videos you find and like on the web. It has a huge community so, users of MyVidster make their collection on the site and other users can follow and explore any user’s video collection with MyVidster. MyVidster is an online website based social media platform which basically can be used by its website but it is also available for Android and iOS devices. It is officially available for iOS on its Apple App Store but for MyVidster Android Download you have to download it from the official site. MyVidster APK can be downloaded from its official site; we shall give the download link below.


On MyVidster, you can experience social video sharing and bookmarking in the palm of your hands. You can access the most recent, popular, and newly bookmarked videos from the MyVidster community. You can access your video bookmarks, subscriptions, and queues. You can join MyVidster community for free with ads and for premium features, you can opt for MyVidster PRO.

Main Key Functions of MyVidster

Collect – You can collect your favorite videos from various websites, blogs, social networking sites, YouTube and bookmark them on your profile in MyVidster.

Share – Users on Myvidster can share their bookmarked collection of videos with other users and they can follow other users in order to share the video collection with the world and friends.

Bookmark Videos – You can bookmark any video from any site on the web and it to the collection of yours on MyVidster.

Supports all the Sites – On MyVidster, you can explore videos, collect and add them in your roster and you can share them with your followers. All the major social media network, blogs, and other websites on the web like Reddit, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vevo, and others.

Direct Search from MyVidster – Users can direct search videos in MyVidster and can explore the collection of other users but in order to search videos from entire then you need to log in to MyVidster first.

Well-organized – Users can find the featured, popular and power user collections the site if they don’t know what to look for.

Download MyVidster for Free

MyVidster is available for iOS and Android as well as for PC in as Google Chrome extension. You can download MyVidster Google Chrome Extension and you can easily collect, share, and organize videos from any video hosting site.c

MyVidster iOS Download

MyVidster Premium

Users can subscribe to MyVidster Premium to enjoy premium features of MyVidster. Myvidster premium is available for monthly subscriptions plans that are bifurcated in Silver Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan. These each plan is different from each other and comes with various features.

MyVidster Premium Features:

  • Cloud Storage – Users get cloud storage space to store their collections of videos online.
  • No Ads – With premium you can enjoy an ad-free experience on MyVidster.
  • Premium users do not have to face restrictions on the access of any video. They can search and share any video on the MyVidster collections.


  • Users on MyVidster also share explicit content like nudity and porn so we recommend you to use this service at your own consent.

Signing out:

So, now you can sign up to the world of social video sharing and bookmarking on MyVidster. We suggest you to enjoy its free services first, then if you like its services you can a=opt for MyVidster Premium subscription.

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