How to Download and Install Official Microsoft Office Free on Windows PC

A massive change occurred in the way in which a variety of office tasks were performed more than thirty years ago. The digital age resulted in several positive effects; but, in order to maximize their usefulness, users needed additional resources. It is exactly because of this that Microsoft Office has become the companion of all those who work on computers or in offices.

It has never been simpler to create statistics, slideshows with elegance, advertising graphics, and a variety of other activities. The passage of time and the development of new technologies have also contributed to a notable improvement in the quality of all of these tools. Taking into consideration how the idea of working in an office has evolved in light of the widespread use of remote work, there is a lot that we are able to do nowadays. In situations like this, having effective tools at your disposal is the best way to work together as a team, even if you are not physically located in the same location.

Because of all of these things and more, we work hard to guarantee that this instrument simplifies activities and makes them easier to carry. We are aware that there are presently many different choices that provide us with advantages that are comparable, and a war has been launched between these possibilities since they are all competing with one another to be the most effective. On the other hand, we have decided to center our attention this time around on Microsoft Office due to the longevity and dependability of the software.

Microsoft office: What Is It and What Does It Offer?

Microsoft is a set of tools that help us to perform certain specific tasks quickly and comfortably. This package offers applications to facilitate the writing of texts, the calculation of their length, and even the design of slides and more. Since its creation, it has gone through multiple changes, all made in order to improve the experience for each user.

It currently has many updates, and the most recent is from the year 2021. It offers options that were previously available only in the paid version. Among these functions are Microsoft Teams, as well as a more extensive and advanced grammar in the word processor. It also has special tools in PowerPoint that make everything much more complete.

In addition to everything that we have already mentioned, it is important that you know that in this recent update, the function of simultaneous teamwork from Word is included. This simplifies work for users who are part of remote or remote teams, which is one of the new ways of working today. All this, together with an interface that is now much more colorful and intuitive than previous versions, makes Office an excellent ally for work.

System Requirements to Download Office for Windows

Before downloading and installing Microsoft Office on your PC, you must verify that certain essential requirements are met. We start by saying that one of the requirements is that the processor must be 1 GHz or even faster than this. As for RAM, this must be 1 GB or more for 32 bits. For the case of 64 bits, a RAM of at least 2 GB is necessary.

There must be free space on the hard disk that is equal to or greater than 3 GB. Another point to consider is the resolution of the screen. This must be 1024 x 576.

If the PC is touch-enabled, then this requires its multi-touch to be usable. This is important, although we know that these functions are also available when using a mouse, keyboard, or any device that can be used with accessible input.

How to Download Microsoft Office Free on Windows 11

Once you are sure that your PC meets the necessary requirements for installing Office, then you can proceed to the following steps. The first would be to find the sites available for download. We must start with the official Microsoft website. From there, you can start the process safely. For this, you only have to enter the web and enter the name of what you want to download, in this case, Microsoft Office. Then you just have to follow the instructions.

There are also other alternatives, like Softonic, where you can get Office. It is a fully online store that is responsible for providing users with this and other tools and programs for computers and smartphones. As in the previous case, you just have to access the web and indicate the program you want to download. To continue with the process, you must follow the steps until the program is installed correctly.

Another option that we recommend for downloading Office is the Softonic website. There, it is enough to indicate what you want to download and it will quickly show you the options it has for you. It usually has a very extensive database, so it is almost certain that you will find what you are looking for there. Follow all the steps until Office is fully installed on your PC.

Microsoft Office Free Download: Advantages and Disadvantages

Before you start the installation process, you need to be sure that Microsoft Office is exactly what you need. We are telling you about the pros and cons of getting this instrument so that you can learn more about it.

First, we’ll talk about the benefits that are clear right away when you realize that this is a technology that makes it possible to work together well and makes it easier to do so. As was already said, this is a big improvement over the recently introduced way of working from home. Also, the latest version of Office comes with a package that is even more complete than before. It works with a number of operating systems and can be used on both Windows and Mac right now.

One thing that could go against it is that it can’t work on all of the different platforms. Another thing that works against it is that it only works with a small number of file types. In spite of this, it is a great and very useful tool for the workplace.

Finally, we clarify that, although there is no free version of Office, the version that it offers in trial mode is quite good. It also serves, so you can see if it suits your needs or that of your work team.

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