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Video games have become an important part of the daily lives of human beings. It is not something that is related to any age range or social class because we already know that for all people, there is more than one ideal video game. It is that there are so many and so many styles that you can always find one or several that you find exciting. In all this wide world, we have a free game with a presentation that makes it unique in its style, and we are talking about Minecraft

This famous game has been presented to us in other ways, and this time we will see it in its Beta version. One of the things that has delighted users is that new functions are presented this time. Of course, these are not proven enough to be official in the game. Still, they are very good. 

Surely, if you are already here, it is because you want to know a little more about this new presentation of the game, and, if so, then you are in the ideal place. Next, we will talk about the Minecraft Beta. In addition, we will recognize the differences and features and, most importantly, we will tell you where you can download them for free. 

How Does the Minecraft Beta work?

When we talk about a beta version, we refer to that version that is in the testing period, in the pre-launch phase. This is what this version of Minecraft is all about, and it is available for users who already have one of the copies of the video game on their PC. This beta phase allows users to test the features so that the developers of the game can improve them in the future. 

This launching of a beta version is not something that Minecraft is a pioneer in, as there are already many other applications and games that do the same. However, Mojang, which is the developer company, has a close relationship with users and takes into account all their opinions and recommendations. 

In fact, this is something that we have already seen in the past when, in one of its latest patches, it went through several changes before being officially released on the market. So, it is a test version where it is the players themselves who say how everything is going. This does not affect any of the game forms, nor does it alter the main objective of the game.

In this version of Minecraft Beta, we will see a much easier game to carry. In addition, you can switch between the beta version and the other version you have downloaded without fear of losing progress in the achievements you have already achieved. By accessing the Beta version of Minecraft, you will be able to notice the changes that are in the testing period and implement them at once. For example, you will see that the menu is displayed differently. This also happens with the volume function and the new sounds that have been added.

Where to Download Minecraft Beta for PC

Minecraft Beta comes with a paid license and has a significant number of downloads around the world. This is due to the resounding success of the game from the beginning and how exciting it is for users to learn about all the game’s innovations before they are official. For this reason, it is very common that when you go online and look for options to download this version of the game, several appear in the results of your search. However, from here we are going to talk about the most recommended. 

In this case, we will talk about the well-known virtual application stores. In these online stores, you can find many applications for mobile devices and computers. In this case, Minecraft Beta is available. Among all these online stores, we can recommend some like Softonic or Malavida, for example, although there are some more that will also give you good results. 

What you have to do is access the online store and search for the app you are looking for. Then you must select the download button and the process will start immediately. For installation, the process is also simple; you just have to look for the downloaded file and run it on your computer. Then what follows is to follow each step that is indicated. Thus, quickly and safely, the Minecraft Beta game will be ready to be enjoyed on your computer whenever you want. 

Benefits of Minecraft Beta for PC

Talking about the advantages that this game offers its users would take us a long time since there are too many. However, we will talk about those that we believe are the most outstanding. 

In this beta version of Minecraft, players will have the opportunity to try out new characters. In this way, they will be able to see the improvements that the character requires, and thus the final version of the character will be much better. This, in addition, is very entertaining and makes the whole experience much better for the players. 

In addition to this, we know that the game as a whole stimulates the creative part of the players. This, along with other features, is what makes this game ideal for children and teenagers. This version proposes totally new game modes and makes the players and the game developer work as a team. In the graphic part, there are no very important improvements. However, this is something that users like because it maintains a more original format, as it has always been since its inception.

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