McDVoice Con: Participate in McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and Win Rewards

As the title of the topic suggests and since you are here, you must be familiar with the fact that has to do with McDonald’s. So, basically, McDVoice Con is a feedback program where customers are asked about their experience and what possibly could want in the future from the company.


All the customers who have recently visited the McDonald’s can participate in this McDVoice Con survey program but have known about the basic requirements, terms & conditions, and some other basic things that shall help them enlighten about the program and what are the benefits of it. When you are feedbacking this restaurant chain through McDvoice, you are actually helping them to grow and that is why in good faith, you are rewarded with some free perks or the discount on your next purchase at McD.

So, this is not the time-wasting survey. It would take just a few minutes and it is a totally free plus, you are getting discount coupons so, it’s worth trying. With the guide mentioned here, you will be able to take part in the survey easily. Let’s find out how:

Mcdvoice con and McDonald’s: Things to Know

As we said, Mcdvoice is the customer review/feedback program from the very popular fast food restaurant chain across the world. Just like KFC, this chain is very popular among customers. With more than 38,000 restaurants worldwide, it is one of the biggest restaurant chains. It is known for its fries, burgers, beverages, combo meals, and some other varieties. The food is really good and that is why it is very popular.

Apart from the food, the service delivered at every restaurant is also superior to its rivals. If you have ever been to any store then you might have noticed the behavior of the staff. They provide a place of peace when you want to have some quality time with your friends and the family. Being for more than 80 years in the business, it has gained the trust of the customers and always welcoming new people to taste their “Delicious” food.

It is obvious that it has managed to get at the top in the business by providing high-quality food as well as qualitative customer experience in many terms. Still, they want to improve themselves continuously and that is why they prefer the feedback of their valuable customers. or McDVoice con is such a survey program from the company where customers can give their experience and mention what new things should be brought or what services need to be improved.

Requirements, Terms or Conditions to Participate in the Survey

In order to take part in the survey, one needs to have some of the few things that are required to take part in this survey program. So, if you want to take the McDVoice Con survey and wish to get some rewards then, here we have summarized all the necessary things for your convenience.

  • A participant must have an invoice or the receipt of their last visit to the restaurant.
  • This customer review program from McDonald’s is available in English and Spanish so, a user must have knowledge about either of these languages.
  • The age of the customer must be at least 18 or more than that.
  • A smart device with Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection.
  • Remember that one receipt or invoice allows you to take participate in McDonald’s customer satisfaction program only for once.
  • This customer feedback is available in different countries with different names so, you need to choose it wisely.
  • One customer with his/her identity can participate in the program for times in a month and once in a week.
  • The validation code or discount coupon is received at the end of the survey and it must be redeemed within the given time. So, if it expires, the user would not be able to use it and the code can be used only for one time.
  • The received reward can be different from a person to person and it can offer you a discount up to a certain amount only.

How to Take Mcdvoice Con Survey Program Online

To take part in McDonald’s customer satisfaction program, the above requirements and the conditions need to be fulfilled. Here are the easy steps to get the rewards from

  1. Open the browser on your phone or the laptop and visit the link mcdvoice.comthat would lead you to the landing page.
  2. At the landing page, you will see the blank field to enter the survey code number. So, now take out the receipt and type in the survey code in the respective places. This survey could be of 26 numbers.
  3. After entering the survey code, hit the start button to begin the survey.
  4. On the next screen, you shall see several questions in which you would give answers. These questions can be about your experience at the outlets, the services by the staff, and the quality of the foods.
  5. You have to answer all the questions honestly and once you have finished it; you shall see the screen displaying the thank you and a validation code that will be needed to redeem the rewards offered in the survey.
  6. Now comes the optional step where you can take part and get a chance to win a gift from $25 to $100. This is not mandatory and it wouldn’t have any effects on the rewards you have earned.

If you are you are not interested in the gift card, you can skip the process and redeem the discount offer coupon at your next visit at McDonald’s.

  1. The discount coupon or McDonald’s Bogo free coupon will be sent to your email or you can also take a screenshot of it to show it to the users.

Bottom Line: Should I Participate at from McDonald’s?

Most of the customers never bother to take part in such a survey but we suggest you should go for it. We believe this survey is not only for you to grab the free rewards but it also gets you to believe that you are responsible for the improving service of the particular company. This will directly influence the services you are getting. Well, above all that, we can’t miss the free perks like free meals at McDonald’s, right?

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