Top Similar Sites like Mangago to Read Manga Online

Reading our favorite Manga online is not always easy. We often find free manga websites with lots of advertisements and complicated user interfaces. However, it doesn’t mean that all the free manga reading websites are worthless. One of the best and free manga reading websites is Mangago. Here, you can enjoy top Manga in English as well as in Japanese.

The multiple categories on the website include New Manga, Doujinshi, Yuri, Yaoi, Shounen Ai, Fantasy, Shoujo, School Life, and Romance. This means that you will find all kinds of Manga at Mangago. The manga site also has a search option which makes it easy to search any manga you want to find and read instantly. Mangago doesn’t show ads and doesn’t require mandatory registration. Without a doubt, Mangago is one of the most trusted free manga websites to read Manga.

However, there are many similar sites like Mangago. As we say, finding a good place to enjoy our favorite Manga or finding new Manga to read is sometimes a complicated task. The reason behind this is that Mangago is an illegal website, and sometimes it doesn’t work smoothly. That is why keeping some other manga reading websites at your disposal is a good thing.


Top Alternatives to Mangago to Read Manga

Here, we have put various Manga reading websites. These similar sites like Mangago can be the best for Manga lovers. Thus, without due, let’s get started.

Manga Reader

This could be one of the best alternatives to Mangago. It is probably the easiest to use on this list since it is perfect for those who prefer to get straight to the point without having settings or display options on which to decide. The navigation focuses on the latest updates, the most popular episodes, and Manga, and the ones we have read recently. For everything else, we can also use the search engine, which works perfectly.

When entering the platform, we are presented with the latest uploaded Manga, while on the right, in the sidebar, we have the widgets of popular episodes and Manga. In addition, the web remembers our last views even if we are not registered, so if we have already seen one, when we return to the web, a section will appear with what we have seen recently.

Regarding the visualization, Manga Reader allows us to switch between horizontal or vertical reading. Plus, the operation is perfect, and the change of pages takes less than a blink of an eye. The adaptation to mobile devices is also good, so we can read comfortably from the mobile or tablet. Thus, this can be among the top alternatives to Mangago to read Manga.

Manga Plus

This app is also known as Manga Plus by Shueisha. This can be the best similar platform to Mangago as it offers the best experience on smartphones of reading manga. At the same time, it is the only one that has an application for iOS and Android devices. So, you can enjoy our favorite Manga from the web or by downloading the free app. The experience is similar to Mangago, although if we want to comment on a chapter, it will be necessary to enter from the application. Continuing with the user experience, this Mangago alternative gives us the possibility to change the reading between vertical and horizontal. And something that its competitors do not offer is the option to choose the reading resolution between three qualities, so that the lower it is, the less data we will consume, in exchange for a lower quality display although perfectly readable.

Regarding the content available, this does not offer as much depth as others, although, of course, there is no shortage of the most popular or the latest available news. The bulk of the content is available in English. To see them in other languages, we must change the language in the upper right part of the web or in the menu in the mobile app.


Our list of the best similar sites like Mangago would not be complete without Mangafast. This manga website brings together some of the best parts of the websites that we have discussed before, so the experience it offers us is the most exhilarating. On the main page, we see the most popular episodes of the moment, and if we continue to scroll down the cover, we have widgets of recent chapters and Manga. To read one, we just have to click on it, and we will be in the reader.

Regarding the reader’s display options, mangafast also allows us to switch between horizontal and vertical reading, and the loading of the following pages is instantaneous so that we do not have to wait a thousandth of a second. In addition to all this, the manga website allows us to switch between light mode and dark mode while we are browsing and offers us an advanced search engine with different filters, such as genre or author, to get more precise results. Finally, if we register, in addition to leaving comments, we can also request new mangas.


This is one of the recognized Manga reading websites that allows the free manga reading experience. It continues to offer its users what they want, i.e., a complete library with all the manga series you can imagine and always with the latest news. This includes all the popular mangas. As soon as we enter the web, we can see the latest uploads as well as the most popular ones. Starting to read one is as easy as pressing it and hitting “read in manga reader.” Or, if we prefer, we can search for the specific chapter we want and hit the play button.

The web allows us to choose between the horizontal view, that is, from left to right as we would read a manga in PDF or on paper, or the cascade view, with which we can go through the pages as we go down the page. In addition, it adapts well to small screens, so we can read the Manga also from the mobile or tablet. It is not necessary to register to watch the Manga, but doing so activates certain useful features, such as being able to make programming lists, mark pending episodes, or even upload our own episodes. Finally, it should be noted that this manga site has a large community of users, which has its own forum, with great activity, and even a Discord group. Thus, you would not be disappointed by the offerings of this website.


There are several reasons to include MangaOwl in our top lists of the best similar sites like Mangago. To begin with, it offers a catalog with hundreds of Manga that are constantly updated, so we will always find the latest available chapters of our favorite Manga. Another point in its favor is the ease of use, with an interface in which it is impossible to get lost since it goes straight to the point. We can access the latest episodes uploaded from the main page or go to the manga list, where we will find all the available Manga, which we can filter by different genres or types of Manga.

As for the reading of the Manga, it is also tremendously simple and comfortable on this site. You just have to click on the Manga you want, and it will load instantly. The passage from one page to another is done by means of arrows, and we can also go directly to a specific page. The collection is organized in very systematic ways that you can find everything very quickly.

Bottom line

Thus, these are the best Mangago alternatives. We hope it has been useful to you, and as more websites appear to read Manga. If you know some other websites, then you can add them. When it comes to choosing the one from the list, Manga Plus can be the top Mangago alternative, in our opinion. Not only because of its large catalog, which offers us years of reading but because of the entire ecosystem of the service itself, thanks to which they offer the best user experience that we can have when reading Manga online today.

It offers an amazing mobile-friendly environment for better convenience, the possibility of choosing the reading format and the quality of the Manga, and a continuously growing manga collection on this platform. All the Manga are uploaded here within a few hours. Compare to other websites, and this free manga reading platform can be an amazing choice.

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