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A responsive website is the one designed to react or adapt depending on the computer device tech and sort of device used by the visitor to exhibit the page. It is essentially one site layout that looks decent at every size, from a vast computer LCD screen to smaller phones and tablets screens.

The responsiveness of a website is the key element. Visitors always look for those sites which are responsive and quick. Ranking of a site also depends upon the response time of a site. Response time of a site depends upon the traffic and hosting of your site.

If you’re entering the web-world and trying to find a way from scratch to construct your site, here’s a unique forum for you. 8B is a recently launched site builder that is open to the public for free. It is a new site builder that came as a completely free website release remedy for beginners.

The framework may work fine with little or negligible programming skills to those who want to start a small business online at little or no cost. 8b website builder provides a great selection of multiple layouts for different company niches or categories as just a simple-to-use browser-based software.

 8B Website Builder

8b is a distinguished site builder that makes it easy for those with zero expertise in coding algorithms and programming to rapidly develop a site. It is the Best software to design a phone friendly and SEO optimized site in a very short time. Professional web designers and web developers are also using this service.

Website Builder

8B builder provides a free hosting service to its clients. 8B supports the AMP and enables the SSL encryption for your website. The whole sort of code-compression emerges Google or from the AMP Project and seems to be accountable for load time on the site, which has a significant impact on site phone-friendliness.


  • You can build a website without signing up with a system
  • It is simple to use with the feature of drag and drop.
  • 8b Builder is free of cost with no additional or hidden charges
  • Unlimited websites can be created for free.
  • 8B builder is perfect for portfolios, small business, and non-profit organizations.
  • The performance of this website is great because of Google AMP.


  • 8B builder does not provide the SEO feature due to which site won’t rank
  • There is no built-in App store or widgets.

How to create a Responsive Website for Free

 Website Templates

Web design is the most important feature which attracts visitors to your site. Giving your site a wacky traditional look is therefore essential, and for this trendy look, 8b is one of the best free website builder software because it enables you to make the hottest new layouts and super awesome themes to your site that match your content.

8b offers 18 categories of templates and themes. They’re all free of cost and look cool. At the very same moment, despite the sort of smartphone, they can suit any screen resolution and size. Templates on smartphones and devices are running great.

Website Builder

Most users don’t like to use a lot of web designs.  Because of the dashboard and integrated solution with all the tools needed in a pack, operating with styles, colors, and fonts is very simple and easy.

Typical templates are without built-in widgets or unique features. They look intelligent and professional, though ___A good cost-free solution for small websites.

The following templates are provided in the 8B Builder.

  • Agencies.
  • Companies.
  • Consultants.
  • Events.
  • Hotels.
  • Photographers.
  • Portfolios.
  • Online shop

and more.

 Design Your Website

Creating a new web page is as easy as working on your PC. For the menu, select section panel or setting, or click your text to change it.  However, the layout of the app is mobile, it’s nearly the same and very easy and user-friendly. To enter the menu, open the section settings or the section panel, or tap the text to change it or make it bold, italic, etc. Tap on the same buttons.

Just label a section you want and change the typography and styles. You could choose images from the galleries or can also download your image of customers referring to a specific category of templates.

Website Builder

The Builder of the 8B mobile website allows you to edit your task quickly and easily. Because of its ease of use, the function could operate excellently. It is the same as in desktop mode. All you have to do is click a segment to edit rather than a mouse on your PC.

Layout settings may seem a little complex for those completely new to create websites. So, it’s great to see that by default, they are hidden. They are not that much tough to get into grips, though, if you control that you want more influence over the site properties, so don’t be afraid to change the settings.

 Publish for Free

At the time of publishing your site, you don’t have to register or purchase any domain because 8B provides you the subdomain name for free. Your site will be given an address by domain structure.

After designing, when you are satisfied with your site, you can upload it so that it openly available. Posting your site is, as you could assume, a quick and easy process.

All sites which are developed with 8B are entirely mobile responsive to make sure that all screen sizes, including tablets and smartphones, look perfect on all screens. You also have a chance to present the page for integration in the Google search engine, if you publish the site.


8B takes the first measures in the profession of web construction tools. But, in links to readers who need a quick and free resource to build small business webpages without any coding skills, it has great potential. The system has a strong set of basic characteristics. It is simple to use and edit while templates are selected for different businesses and other niches.

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