How To Convert KG To LBS in Excel 2021

Every country follows a different metric system to calculate and manage weights and measure. The United States is among the popular country using the older metric system from British. For them, LBS (pounds) is the weight metric system. 

As the US follows the LBS (pounds) weight metric, people who work for US companies and live there for studies also have to go with their metric. Most of the countries follow Kilogram (KG) metric system. Hence, they want to know how to convert Kg to Lbs in an Excel sheet to manage it according to the US metric system. 

How To Convert kg to Lbs or Lbs to Kg in Excel 

Of course, you can simply search on Google, Kg to Lbs, and get the conversation at the zero-click result to convert the mass weight. But you cannot follow the same pattern to convert every line of Excel sheet from the weight calculator. It would be better to convert entire all units at once on Excel with one click. 

Note: To explain it better, you need to know that 1 kg is equal to 2.2046226218 lbs and 1 lbs equal to 0.45359237 kg.

To convert kg to lbs, simply multiply the number with 2.2046226218 or divide by 0.45359237:


‘m’ means the number that you want to convert. You can get the same result when you follow these formulas.

  1. To convert kg to lbs on the Excel sheet, type = sign where you want to see the result.
  2. You need to enter the above formal, but make sure you replace ‘m’ with the numeric value.
  3. Or you can divide lbs by 0.45359237 (kg). 
  4. Simply you can convert lbs to kg by multiply the number with 0.45359237 or divide by 2.2046226218: =m*0.45359237 or =m/2.2046226218

There is another way to convert kg to lbs using the convert function in the Excel sheet. Along with weight, it will help to convert length area, temperature, and distance.

The formula is =CONVERT(number,“from_unit, “”to_unit”)


  • the number is the numeric value we want to convert.
  • from_unit is the unit to convert from.
  • to_unit is the unit to convert to.

It would be best if you used below generic formula to convert weight measurement in kilograms to pounds.


Here kg mean kilogram and LBM mean pounds.

You need to replace from_unit as ‘lbm’ and to_unit as ‘kg’ in the formula to convert lbs to kg.

All set now.

Here we tried to fully explain the method to convert kg to lbs in Excel sheet without any tool. 

Was it simple? Have you enjoyed the article? Need more help regarding any calculation in Excel? Do not hesitate to directly as us in the comment box. 

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