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Becoming an Amazon Product Tester is the dream of every shopaholic – I mean, who on this earth doesn’t like free Amazon vouchers, gifts, and early discounts? But is becoming a tester that simple? Or can you become an Amazon Product Tester by simply signing up multiple sites? Well, if these questions are bothering you, then you must check this guide and scroll down to the end.

Recently we’ve encountered a site, basicstester, that claims to offer work-from-home job opportunities for shopping enthusiasts. This site assures you to assign a position of Amazon Product Tester by simply signing up and answering simple questions. But is this website legal or safe?

Our team has closely evaluated the website and come up with a clear, unbiased review of the site. Browse the page to the end and see if this site is legit or a scam.

Basicstester – At a Glance

Before we check the review or find the credibility of the site, let’s introduce the basic tester and see what the website is all about.

Basiscstester assures to offer individuals an opportunity to become verified Amazon product testers. It has a simple interface and requires some personal information to get started. The site asks you to perform some tasks, or you can say surveys, where you have to add the information they are seeking. These sites often assure rewards or gifts after completing the survey. It also assures you to make a part of the Amazon Vine Program.

But here the question arises – Is the site legal and safe, or is it a scam? Our experts have explored the ins and outs of this website and compiled a genuine review about the same.

The 5 Pitfalls of

Since this job offering site has attracted negative publicity, we have taken a step ahead and monitored the site closely. Upon review, our team has found 5 significant pitfalls that make basicstester unsafe. Scroll down and have a look.

1.      Poor Design

The first red flag about Basicstester is its poor design. Although the site has used the official Amazon logo and copied the same font style and size as Amazon’s official page, it lacks various basic things that generate a red flag. It doesn’t have any kind of branding or visual identity. There’s no consistency or images that may help you know about the purpose of the site.

The lack of professional design makes it difficult for users to understand the navigation while raising too many questions about its legitimacy.

2.      No Further Links

What kind of official site has only a single link? And that’s what’ve raised doubts about It is a single-page website and looks like developed by an intern. All legit sites typically contain About Us, Contact Info, Privacy Policy, and other such mandatory pages. But this site has nothing, which is highly unusual and suggests that the website isn’t the legitimate one.

The question is simple – If the site is legit, then why is it hiding the contact details or about us page? Also, if it is linked to Amazon, it must look like the official site and contains all the similar links. The lack of links indicates that the site is not trustworthy, and users should be cautious when using the site.

3.      No Affiliation with Amazon

Another red flag you must be aware of is no affiliation with Amazon. While the site uses the company logo and claims to offer you a job as an Amazon Product Tester, it is not affiliated with Amazon in any way. Doesn’t it seem shady?

How is it possible that the site using Amazon’s name and logo isn’t linked to this e-commerce platform? And that’s what raises tons of doubts and concerns among users’ minds. It simply indicates that the Amazon logo is only inserted to mislead visitors into thinking that the website is associated with the e-commerce platform. Still, the reality is far different from what they want to show or pretend.

4.      No resume needed

What about no experience needed to work as an Amazon Product Tester? Sounds too good to be true? These words are clearly mentioned on the Basicstester site. What kind of job-offering website doesn’t ask for a resume? Being an Amazon Product Tester isn’t as simple as it seems to be (by viewing this Basicstester site).

In addition, the site generates a sense of hurry by saying that Limited Spots are Available.

5.      No work description

Okay, just believe for a second that you can get a job without a resume, but can you get a job without any work description? Honestly speaking, becoming an Amazon product Tester doesn’t mean that Amazon delivers packages to your home for free, and you will then test the product and give your feedback, and Amazon will then pay you for the same. Wake up from this daydream, and no such thing will happen.

The site doesn’t offer any information about the testing process works or what type of products will be available for testing, and how these payments will be processed. All these automatically generate doubt in users’ minds and make the site unsafe.

Is Basicstester legit?

Let’s boil down to our major question – Is Basicstester legit or a scam? And we hope the answer is pretty clear by now. Basicstester is not a legitimate website, and users should stay away from this trap. The site is misleading to money-making sites, and this sudden redirection makes things look suspicious. It simply indicates that the primary objective of the site isn’t offering any job opportunities but stealing information and exposing the users to cyber threats.


That’s all about the legitimacy of Basicstester. Hope you have found all the answers and put your queries to rest. Although the site may seem like a tempting opportunity to get free or heavily discounted Amazon Products, the reality is far different from what they pretend. The lack of transparency, no customer support, no background details, and no resume needed raise legitimate concerns about the site and make it unsafe.

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