7 Advantages Of Having Fax From Your iPhone

Despite their age, the advantages of a fax machine remain undeniable. However, clunkiness is a major issue associated with fax machines, making them quite inconvenient. Furthermore, investing in a fax machine may not make much sense if you only need to send faxes infrequently.

Nonetheless, there are still numerous benefits to having a fax machine that could prove useful. Interestingly enough, you can enjoy the advantages of a fax machine right on your iPhone. Here are the benefits of online faxing if you choose this platform.

How to send a fax from iPhone?

Initially, it is reasonable to figure out how to send a fax from your iPhone. The main thing is to choose a fax app. There are several products of this type on the market, but this Fax iPhone is the most convenient among its competitors. After entering the application, you need to prepare a document for sending, choose to whom to send it, and in a matter of seconds the recipient will have the document.

#1 Saving money

When considering the expenses associated with a fax machine, one must account for paper, ink, an extra telephone line, and the machine itself. However, these costs are just the tip of the iceberg. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the process of retrieving a lost document can cost a company $122. Moreover, it is estimated that 7.5% of all company documents are lost for good. These numbers can quickly accumulate.

Additionally, the use of a fax machine leads to an abundance of extra documents in the office, increasing the risk of losing important information. On the other hand, with a fax app, one can eliminate all of these expenses and worries. For those who do not partake in extensive faxing, using a fax app can be a convenient alternative.

#2 Send a fax from anywhere

According to Citrix’s research, 61% of workers have reported engaging in work-related tasks outside of their offices. The need to be physically present in an office for fax-related tasks becomes a challenge in such scenarios. The rise in worker mobility has emphasized the advantages of substituting conventional technology with mobile applications. With the use of a fax app, individuals can conveniently send and receive faxes from almost any location. Moreover, as the fax copy is sent via email and stored in the cloud, it can be accessed virtually anywhere as well.

#3 Safety

According to GFI software, approximately half of workers have inadvertently read a fax meant for someone else while the physical document was left unattended in the machine. When an important document falls into the wrong hands, it can lead to undesirable outcomes. However, with fax apps, this problem can be easily averted. Only the intended recipients will have access to the fax.

#4 Preservation of the environment

Switching to a faxing application not only helps companies become more environmentally friendly but also contributes to saving valuable resources. According to Paper Chase, approximately 4 billion trees are cut down annually for paper production. By transitioning to a faxing app, a small percentage of these trees can be preserved. If just 5% of businesses made the switch from fax machines to fax apps, it could potentially save 10 billion pages of paper, equivalent to around 1 million trees each year.

Furthermore, this calculation doesn’t even consider the additional environmental benefits, such as reduced logging and energy and water consumption associated with paper production. While fax machines served their purpose, it is crucial to embrace more sustainable alternatives to protect our planet.

#5 Faxing prevents physical damage or loss of documents

When a document is faxed using a fax machine, it is immediately sent to the recipient without any risk of damage during transit. Conversely, if the document is sent by post, there is a potential for damage caused by the elements or mishandling by the postal service.

#6 Ability to send any amount of data

A significant distinguishing feature that differentiates fax machines and contributes to their continued usage is their seamless, instant transmission and reception of documents, regardless of their size. In contrast, larger email attachments can be time-consuming to send and may run the risk of being rejected by the recipient’s mailbox if they surpass the file size limits.

#7 Faxes can be used in court

When it comes to legal disputes, ensuring the authenticity of a document is crucial. In the case of fax machines, the authentication process for faxes is widely accepted. However, when it comes to emails, an affidavit from a trusted third-party perspective is required to validate their authenticity. In the event of a court challenge regarding the email’s authenticity, additional supporting documents are usually necessary to enhance its credibility.


Switching to a fax app presents businesses with an opportunity to save time and money, while simultaneously boosting efficiency and supporting environmental conservation. Moreover, the positive impact on the environment, such as reduced logging and decreased energy and water consumption from paper production, should not be overlooked. Fax machines have become outdated and wasteful, leading to more harm than benefit. Embracing the user-friendly choice of a fax app is a smart decision for any business.


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