iPhone 14 Pro: Main Features to Know About

How do you know when we have reached autumn? Apple drops their latest phone. The iPhone 14 has been released and comes with some seriously impressive new features. Whether you choose the standard or the Pro model, you are immediately equipped with 5G technology making connectivity on the go breeze. From checking emails to playing games like Pokémon Unite or live casino UK, iPhone 14 owners will revel in the many new features, so let’s take a closer look.


The Tech Stuff 

Let’s start with the technical power behind this handset. With each new incarnation, Apple has released a new chipset, and with the iPhone 14 series, we have a 16-Bionic chip. While the technical details don’t mean much, it translates to a 16% increase in the performance of the multicore processor when compared to last year’s offerings. This means that users will see a faster performance, more effortless multitasking, and better battery life. Of course, the battery life is a combination of the processor, and the Lithium-Ion battery, which has also been upgraded. Apple confidently assures us that with the iPhone 14, we can look forward to the most extended battery life ever.

Dynamic Island

While we are not quite sure that Dynamic Island is a good name, it’s an exciting feature that features on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Apple changed the notch at the top of the iPhone and created an oval shape that floats at the top of the screen, and this is where the dynamic island lives. It changes size depending on what information it is displaying; for example, it shows the locked padlock when your handset is not in use. It can show you how much charge you have left with a helpful battery level. When you’re on a call, Dynamic Island gives you the ability to answer or hang up and so much more. Think of it as your helpful notification assistant, which responds to the app you are using; for example, when listening to music, it changes shape and size to display your volume controls, track information and the ability to skip pause or play next. It can also bring you travel updates, including the status of your flight, directions turn by turn if you’re driving, and even the weather.

Always On Displays

Of course, always on technology is nothing new. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge introduced this in 2016. However, Apple hasn’t kept up, and so far, none of the incarnations included this. The latest Apple Watch features an always-on display, so it stands to reason that the new iPhone 14 Pro series would also do the same. Thinking outside of the box, Apple has tried to put their stamp on it, and it can also show you widgets and apps of your choice. If you want to see map directions, skip your playlist tracks, or have a look at your voice notes, you can do so without switching on the phone properly. This always-on display should not affect battery life, and Apple has stated that the iPhone 14 Pro has a 23-hour video playback capability, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max offering 29 hours.

Updated Camera Technology

Finally, the camera has been given a new upgrade, and now your main camera sensor is 48 megapixels. A new action mode has been added for video footage designed to stabilise those shaky hands or uneven terrains, mimicking the GoPro video style. There’s also a 2x optical zoom, which comes with an ultra-wide and telephoto zoom lens to create that well-known Apple signature triple camera array.

Image Source: PEXEL

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