Improving Your Aim in Call of Duty: Warzone

Who doesn’t want to improve their kill/death ratio with a perfect laser aim while playing the incredible Call of Duty: Warzone? In these battle royale games, having a good aim is definitely one of the most critical aspects of the shooters, as the bad aim will make you lose the fight even with the best position and the most potent weapon. Whether you are a newbie to the game or a veteran player looking to improve your gameplay by improving your aim, here are some best warzone hack and tips by the pro gaming experts to help you do the same.

Get the right sensitivity.

If you are feeling sluggish in your aim, it could be because of sensitivity. No matter which device you are using for the play, mouse, controller or keyboard, you need to keep the best setting that can suit your playstyle the most.

If you feel uneasiness with your sensitivity, then make sure to play Modern Warfare’s multiplayer or polish your skills with Warzone’s practice mode by shooting the bots to find the best sensitivity for yourself. Don’t just stick to copying the settings of pro gamers as it may not be as fruitful as you think it would be; it is better to be comfortable with your own playstyle.

‘Centring’ the aim

Centring the aim, simply put, means to make sure that the white crosshair in the centre of your screen is at the position where you anticipate enemies to be. The more centre it is, the better as it will help you to make a definite kill with your shot.

Also, one of the most typical mistakes that beginners, as well as veteran players, make is aiming at the floor as they loot. This not only keeps them off guard and more open to being attacked but also makes it hard to aim back up in case of an attack due to time lag, but if you have got the crosshair aim ready to where the enemy could come from, then you can quickly snap at them without risking your life.

 Where to place your crosshair

It is not just about aiming at the centre to where the possibility of the enemy showing up is high, but you also need to be smart with the current situation you are in at the moment in the game. For example, if you are moving towards a building, then you might think about aiming at the door so that you can shoot the enemy if they try to sneak out from the building, but it would be better to aim at the window if it is facing towards you as you may not be able to defend yourself when someone shoots you from above.

If you want to be fast-paced in killing the enemies, then aim your crosshair at the players’ heads as it is the fastest way of killing, but again, you need to be flawless with your aim to carry out this action easily. But if you are not confident with your shoot, always aim for the chest area as it is the most significant surface area part of the body, giving more chance of the shots to land; also, the recoil will move your aim to the head, killing your enemies for sure with the next shot.

Practice, practice and practice

Whether you are playing with a mouse, keyboard or controller, you can always download 3D aim trainers available online to practice your aim. These aim trainers are so accurate and similar to the Warzone that you will not have to adjust anything when you are actually playing the game.

Also, whenever you change your weapon, you can feel the difference in the feel of every weapon and thus, to adjust better with the aim and recoil of the weapon, it is always an excellent option to practice your aim with new weapon settings at different aim trainers and then jump into a battle. Spend at least twenty or thirty minutes practising your aim every day before you start playing the game as it will help you polish your skills by tons. Soon it will get into your habit, and you will be able to hit headshots with every shoot without stressing much about your aim.

Be patient

Spending not enough time in the game will definitely not help you to get better at playing it. With every game, you will learn new things and gain more experience that will help you to improve your gameplay. And thus, you need to be consistent with your practice and playtime to make sure that you start tracking and hitting flick shots like a veteran player in no time. So, get ready to dominate the world of the most popular game across the globe with these helpful tips and tricks to improve your aim!

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