How to Stop Spam Calls on Android?

So, you’re just sitting there, minding your own business, when your phone starts ringing. You don’t recognize the number, but you answer anyway. And then, of course, it’s a robocall. We know how frustrating this experience can be and that’s why, compiled some easiest and most effective methods to avoid such an annoying situation.

Here, we’ll show you how to stop spam calls on Android so that you can avoid these annoying interruptions in the future. In addition, the guide also entails what spam calls exactly are and why you should avoid them. So, without any delay, let the tour begins.

What are Spam Calls?

If you use an Android phone, chances are you’ve got a spam call at some point. But what exactly these spam calls are and why you should avoid them as much as you can?

Spam calls are nothing but unwanted calls from people or businesses that try to sell you something. They can be frustrating and hard to get rid of. Sometimes, spam callers will spoof their caller ID so it looks like they’re calling from a legitimate number, making it difficult to block them.

These calls are further classified into various categories, including telemarketing calls, scam calls, and robocalls.

Why is it necessary to avoid spam calls?

There are a few reasons why you might want to block or avoid spam calls on your Android phone.

  • For one, spam callers are often trying to sell you something that you don’t want or need.
  • Secondly, spam calls can be very annoying and disruptive.
  • Finally, some spam callers may even be trying to scam you out of your personal information, which is why they should be avoided or blocked for good.

By taking a few simple steps, you can protect yourself from unwanted and potentially harmful spam calls.

What are the different ways to block spam calls on Android?

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can block or avoid spam calls on your Android phone. Here, we have listed some of them for the readers’ sake of convenience. Follow these solutions and say goodbye to these unwanted distractions in a few clicks.

1.      Allowing Calls from Contacts Only

If you want to stop spam calls on your Android phone, one way to do so is to only allow calls from contacts. This means that anyone who is not on your contacts list will not be able to call you. To do this:

  • Go to your phone’s settings and find the “Call blocking” or “Blocked numbers” option.
  • Once you have found this option, select “Only allow calls from Contacts” to ensure that only people who are in your contacts list can call.

2.      Block Spam Calls Manually

Blocking spam calls manually is yet another simple solution to get rid of these annoying distractions. Follow the instructions mentioned below and get spam calls blocked in the least possible time.

  • Unlock the phone and go to the Settings tab. Scroll down and select the Block Numbers option.
  • From here, you’ll be able to enter in numbers that you want to block.

Alternatively, you can also block numbers from your recent calls list by tapping on the number and then selecting “Block number.”

3.      Enable the “Do Not Disturb” Mode

If you are using an Android phone, you can stop spam calls by getting registered on DND mode. To do this, go to Settings > More Settings > Do Not Disturb and enable it. Once it is enabled, you will then receive calls only from selected callers of your choice.

4.      Use the Call Blocker App

One method to avoid spam calls on your Android phone is to use a call blocker app. It is a reliable and sure-shot way to get rid of spam callers altogether. There are several different call blocker apps available, so be sure to do some research to find the one that best meets your needs.

These apps use their database to detect whether the call is genuine or spam. It will then warn you with a notification so you can avoid it instantly. Alternatively, it can also send all spam calls to your voicemail to save you time and effort.


Spam calls have always been a distraction for Android phone users; hence, should be avoided or blocked instantly. All the methods listed above are tried and tested and will help to stop future calls from those numbers. Following the right tactics will give you more control over the calls you receive.

Be sure to report any suspicious or unwanted calls to your carrier so they can take appropriate action. By following these tips, you can help cut down the number of spam calls you receive and protect yourself from scam callers. Feel free to share this guide with others and stay in touch with us for more updates.

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