How to Mute Zoom Audio on Mobile Phones and Desktops

Muting a voice call on your smartphone is a no-brainer, but when you are using a third-party application, such as Zoom for meetings, it is a bit more complicated. When you are taking part in a meeting using the Zoom video conferencing service, you may find that there are moments when you need to mute your mic in order to reduce the volume of background noises or remain silent while other people in the room are speaking.

However, regardless of which Zoom platform you’re using, you’ll need to press or click on the icon that looks like a microphone to silence the call. It is important to note that if you host the meeting, you will have the power to mute or unmute other participants. You may also use the “Manage Participants” menu to mute or unmute all of the people who are participating in the meeting at the same time.

On the other hand, participants will only be required to silence themselves and not anybody else. Having said that, the following will explain how to disable Zoom on a variety of devices.

How Do I Mute the Zoom Audio on My Mobile?

  1. To mute your microphone during a call that is currently in progress, go to the bottom menu and click on it to reveal the symbol for doing so. To silence yourself, select this option from the menu.
  2. You may adjust the volume by clicking the button in the upper left corner, and when you do, an X will appear next to the speaker symbol. This will put a muffle over the sound on the application on the device. To hear the sound, you must select the same choice once more. You may unmute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  3. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Participants tab, a pop-up window will appear. By simply tapping on the individual participants, you may silence them. Alterations are seen in close proximity to each of their individual microphones. It is possible to unmute them in the same way.
  4. Simply selecting the blue Mute All option after clicking the Mute All button in the bottom-right corner will mute all of the participants. If you so want, you can provide participants the ability to unmute themselves.
  5. Unmuting all of them may be accomplished in the same way.
  6. To close the Participants window, use the Close button on your keyboard.

How to Mute Zoom on My Desktop Computer?

  1. On the Windows desktop of Zoom, drag your cursor to cause a variety of options to display on the squares representing the Zoom attendees. This will expose the bottom toolbar.
  2. To mute the microphone, select the option to do so in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Now, click the unmute button once more. This will cause your microphone to become muted, which means that the other people on the call will no longer be able to hear you.
  3. Make your selection from the available alternatives on the participant’s rectangle. To silence a particular participant, you must first choose the blue Mute button. You may launch a pop-up menu by either tapping the three dots or using the right mouse button. Choose the ‘Mute Audio’ option, and after the participant is muted, you may unmute them by following the same procedures again after they have been muted.
  4. You may select the Manage Participants tab located in the toolbar located at the bottom of the screen in order to manage the attendees as the host. In addition to that, it will show the total number of individuals currently on the call.
  5. It will open a sidebar next to each member, allowing them to mute the mic and video icons, respectively.
  6. You may silence a particular person by hovering a microphone over their head. There is a blue button that may either mute or unmute the sound.
  7. You may mute or unmute the entire conversation by using the settings at the bottom of the screen. It will open a pop-up window, and you may click the box to make it so that participants can unmute themselves at their own discretion.
  8. To finalize the adjustment, use the Continue button.

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