How to Get Android P on Your Pixel Phone (Complete Guide)

There is a no doubt that Android P has pretty nifty features and the great thing is you can simply get Android P on your Android device right now. Once you install Android P on your Pixel device, you will be to use new Picture-in-Picture mode, gesture navigation, text selection magnification, multitasking, DND and many more.

While the Android P is available for some high-end device, it will take a time to available for other devices. Well, if you don’t have an idea about whether Android P update is available for your device or not, then check out your device in the below list. If your device is compatible with Android P and then here we also explained two methods to Install Android P on your Pixel phone.

Note: The official Android P OTA update is only available for Pixel devices. The other devices have to flash the update.

Install Android P on Pixel Devices

Process #1: Get Android P Beta on your Pixel phone

Step #1: Go to the Android Beta Program website.

Step #2: Next, Sign in a Google account associated with your Pixel device — if you aren’t already.

Step #3: Click the “Devices” tab on top.

Step #4: Select your device and join the beta program.

Step #5: Follow the instructions that pop up to finish the process (the update will arrive within 24 hours).

Once after following this guide, you will get few updated between 24 hours. If you don’t want to continue with the update then you can leave Android P beta by selecting Opt-out” option on the Android Beta Program website.

Process #2: Flash Android P on Any Phone

Compare to flashing update, Install Android P through OTA update is a pretty easy task. So, here we are gonna show you how to flash Android P on your phone.


  • A compatible Pixel device and a USB cable to connect it to your computer.
  • The Android SDK installed on your machine with ADB and Fastboot command successfully working.
  • Factory image for your device.
  • Need 7zip or a similar program that can manage .tgz and .tar files.
  • You need unlock bootloader on your phone. If you don’t how then follow below.

Step #1: First of all, you will need to turn on developer options by going to “About Phone” and tapping “Build Number” seven times.

Step #2: Next, Enable USB debugging and OEM unlock on your device in the “Developer options” section.

Step #3: Plug in the Pixel to your PC with a USB cable.

Step #4: Open the command window on your PC and Boot your Pixel device into bootloader mode using the following command: adb reboot bootloader (if it requests you to authorize this, say yes).

Step #5: When your device boots into bootloader mode, type in this command: fastboot flashing unlock.

Step #6: When confirmation screen will pop up. Press the volume up key to highlight yes and the power button to start the bootloader unlocking process.

Step #7: Once unlocked, your device will reboot into bootloader mode. Now you simply need to type in fastboot reboot to finish the process.

After unlocking bootloader on your phone, you can flash Android P on your device following below steps.

Step #1: Check bootloader menu that your device and PC are ready to communicate.

Step #2: Get the factory image you downloaded earlier. Use 7zip to extract the .tgz file you downloaded and then again to extract the .tar file you extracted from the .tgz. This will create a folder with several files in it.

Step #3: Copy all those files and paste them in the platform-tools folder in the Android SDK on your PC. You can see it in the Program Files (x86) folder on Windows.

Step #4: There are two flash-all files. Windows users should double-click the one that has the gear logo and says “Windows Batch File” on the right. If you’re on Linux, double-click the

Step #5: Next, you will see a pop up and the installation taking place. Do not unplug your device for any reasons while the process going on.

Step #6: Once the installation process has finished, your device will automatically reboot.

Once it has done, you can then disconnect your device from your computer and start playing with Android P.

Wrapping up

This is how you can get Android P on your Pixel phone. Hope you have followed the guide carefully and installed the Android P on your phone. Once after using some nifty features of Android P, please do not forget to share your experience via commenting below.

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