How to Find a USPS Tracking Number [Step by Step]

The Locating a USPS tracking number is too easy to find, if you are looking for how to find usps tracking number, then you must have to read this tutorial step by steps.

Step To Find a USPS Tracking Number

Following steps for Find a USPS Tracking Number:

Steps 1: First of all check out your post office shipping receipt. (You can find your USPS tracking number printed at the bottom of your sales receipt)

Step 2: Check out on your insurance receipt.

If your package was priced at more than $50 USD, you might have purchased extra shipping insurance. If so, you would have received an additional receipt for this. Your USPS tracking number can be found at the bottom of your insurance receipt.

Step 3: Also you can check out in your email for a confirmation from

When you shipped your package using, then you should have received an email confirmation for shipping. Contained within this email, you can find your tracking number from your email also.

Step 4: One more way to check your email for a shipping confirmation from an online retailer.

If you complete a purchase through an online retailer, and they shipped your package with the United States Postal Service, they should have emailed you a shipping confirmation. Within this email, you should be able to find your tracking number.

Note: In case you did not receive a confirmation email, At a time you may want to contact the retailer directly.

Step 5: look at the bottom peel-off section of a USPS tracking label.

Step 6: Turn over the orange slip you received if you missed a delivery.

That’s it.

Once you find your USPS tracking number, you can use the internet form on or contact the United States Postal Service by phone. With a tracking number, you can effectively locate your package.

How to Tracking a USPS Package

Step 1: Got to the USPS website.,

Step 2: Now enter your number in the space provided

Step 3: Just click “Track Package”.

Step 4: A new page will open providing information about when and where your package was sent, where it is now, and when it will be delivered.

That’s it.

In case if you don’t have internet access, then you can contact the USPS by phone. Call At  1-800-275-8777 and choose “Track a Package” from the automated menu.

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