Alternatives to GBoard for typing in Arabic

Finding a good keyboard which you can use to type in Arabic can be a pain these days. In some keyboards type only in Arabic. Some type in both Arabic and English, but are so difficult to use that you’d rather not use them. Switching back and forth between some keyboards is so difficult that you’d want to install them. And some keyboards look so ugly that you probably won’t download them unless as a last resort.

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However, there are a few good keyboards for typing in Arabic. We’ve compiled a list of Keyboards which type in Arabic, have multiple features, and look good at the same time.

Arabic Keyboard

 Let’s start off with our personal favorite, the Arabic Keyboard. The Arabic Keyboard is quite a new keyboard in the Play Store, but don’t let that fool you. It is taking the Android world by storm with it distinctive features and simple UI. This comes from the developers of the virtual Arabic keyboard which is one of the best virtual keyboards to type in Arabic. It has the following to offer:

  • Many different languages including Arabic, English, and other South East Asian languages such as Hindi, Nepali, Bangla, Sinhala, and much more.
  • It supports transliteration. Meaning that you can type in English, while the keyboard translates what you’ve typed to Arabic for you.
  • Also supports Inscript Input. You can also choose to simply type in Arabic script should you choose to do so.
  • One click switch to other languages and keyboard apps.
  • Double space period: Press the Space button twice to enter a period.
  • Voice Input: The voice input is powered by Google and you can type directly with your voice.
  • Interactive Keyboard: You can add sounds and vibrations to the keyboard.
  • Different Themes: Four different minimalistic themes to choose from.
  • Supports AutoCorrect. You don’t need to bother about Typos.
  • Auto-Completes your words in any language.
  • Custom vocabulary personalization including Auto Completion of words.
  • Supports Emoji in addition to text. Why can’t typing be a bit more fun?

This is by far, the best keyboard which we have come across. You can download it from

Best Arabic English keyboard – Arabic typing

 This app is yet another powerful keyboard which can be used to type in Arabic. Although it certainly improves in certain areas, it is still a great keyboard to use if you wish to type in Arabic. It offers the following features:

  • Transliteration with Word Prediction.
  • Beautiful Fonts only for your keyboard.
  • Supports both Arabic and English.
  • Sound effects and vibrations to make the keyboard interactive.
  • Beautiful themes to go with your Keyboard.

While the app still needs some work, it is much better than the other Arabic Keyboards available on the app store. Also, it focuses quite a lot on the beauty of the Keyboard.

Easy Arabic English Keyboard for android

The Easy Arabic English Keyboard for Android is yet another good keyboard for typing in Arabic apart from GBoard. It offers the following features:

  • Smooth Key Presses.
  • Prediction of words and Suggestion of the words you’ve already half typed.
  • Transliteration from English to Arabic.
  • Beautiful Backgrounds and Themes.
  • In-built
  • Auto Correct misspelled words in English and Arabic.
  • Emoji
  • Sounds and vibrations in the keyboard.
  • Readjustable fonts to customize your keyboard and make it more suitable and beautiful.

The Easy Arabic English Keyboard for android has a lot of features which could prove quite useful.

SwiftKey Keyboard

The SwiftKey is very powerful Keyboard which you can use instead of the Arabic keyboard or Gboard. However, it’s the only drawback comprises of the fact that you have to add the language manually. Apart from that, it has the following to offer:

  • Different assorted Themes and
  • Word Prediction to type less in Arabic.
  • Auto Complete words which you haven’t completely typed.
  • Customize your keyboard with different
  • Typing only in Arabic.
  • Easy to switch to another keyboard.

While this app can be used solely to type in Arabic, it is still quite a good keyboard to use as the Arabic typing is quite smooth and seamless. It is available here.

Be it our favorite app the Arabic Keyboard, or the Arabic Keyboard 2018, the app which supports only Arabic, these are the keyboards which are a good alternative to using the GBoard. Now, it depends upon you to use the keyboard app of your choice.

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