How to Buy Hyperconverged Infrastructure

If you’re looking for ways to modernize your data center, you’ve probably thought about upgrading your infrastructure. The traditional solution, which is still used by many companies, does not offer the convenience that various businesses need. In such an infrastructure, all the necessary resources serve specific applications. However, they are all separated, which increases the need for the amount of equipment, as well as software.

One of the modern solutions today is hyper-converged infrastructure, which offers companies many advantages. This innovative solution combines all three components of a traditional infrastructure into one, greatly simplifying the work of data center professionals. Companies don’t need to buy advanced server hardware as standard hardware is great. In addition, all components can be controlled by a generalist using the software.

All in all, HCI is beneficial for companies looking for a modern all-in-one IT infrastructure solution. Such an infrastructure offers ease and speed of scaling, increased performance, reduction of all types of costs, and much more.

Today there are a huge number of reliable suppliers offering hyper converged appliances, so companies should carefully study all the options to choose the most suitable for them. When communicating with suppliers, it is necessary to find out all the smallest details to make the right choice.

If you’re leaning towards this innovative solution, we’ll help you figure out what infrastructure questions you need to ask by talking to different vendors.

Questions you need to ask

At first glance, all the appliances available today are similar. However, they may offer various features that may be essential to your company. Thus, take care to find out the following information:

Is it possible to increase the capacity using the public cloud?

Rapid scalability is one of the main advantages of this innovative solution. However, often companies are faced with the need to increase productivity in a very short time. In the case of this infrastructure, companies have the opportunity to increase capacity, but for this, it is necessary to plan the purchase of additional nodes.

However, sometimes companies need to be able to increase capacity right away. This can be done using public cloud services. This allows you to do everything you need to do right away. So, you’ll want to know which vendors offer this feature.

If providers can offer you free access to this capability, then there is nothing to stop you from increasing the number of required resources in unplanned cases.

What are the possibilities for unforeseen emergencies?

Nobody is immune to failure. However, data loss is something companies simply cannot afford. Thus, a good infrastructure should offer ways out of the situation. This includes methods for backing up all data, as well as strategies for disaster recovery.

You should clarify whether you will need to invest in additional hardware or software for such cases. In addition, it is important to know if it is possible to create backups using cloud resources. Will the backup process take place automatically, or will specialists need to use software to do this?

If this infrastructure is easy to integrate with the cloud, then you can be sure that you will have access to a safe place where all your data will be safe and sound. Also, vendors should offer quick and easy ways to recover data.

Is the infrastructure compatible with other backup products?

Until you decide to invest in this solution, you may have used other products that allow you to use a backup system. Many may be interested in the question of whether the future infrastructure will be compatible with such systems. In addition, it is important to understand that backup systems are different. One company may be using one system while another is using another.

You may not want to stop using the system you are already using. The process of migrating backups can be both time-consuming and costly. Thus, you need to understand whether the infrastructure will work seamlessly with your system.

Is data deduplication possible?

Various platforms can provide different sets of tools for professionals. Some companies, and you, in particular, may be interested in whether the chosen platform offers the tools to de-redundant copies of information. Many companies resort to this solution, as it allows them to significantly save space, as well as encrypt information. Encryption is important so that you can achieve the greatest security while your data is moving across the network.

Check with vendors for what standard feature set they offer. In addition, also check if they also offer additional tools to run other essential tasks.

What will it take to achieve high performance?

Many companies are attracted to this solution because it offers high performance. However, it is not always clear how companies can increase it if they need to increase workloads to work with powerful applications.

Depending on the applications you are working with, vendors may offer different ways to improve performance. There are options to connect special hardware building blocks, GPUs, and other solutions. You need to understand what needs to be done if you need to increase performance.

Will the supplier be able to provide comprehensive support?

The disadvantage of traditional infrastructure is that companies need to request support from various vendors in case of any problems or questions. Although HCI is a holistic solution, many companies may refer you to other sources for help, for example, if you are experiencing hypervisor issues.

However, some vendors are willing to offer support on all issues. Vendor support starts with infrastructure deployment and includes any other questions you may want to be answered. Contacting different vendors can be a lengthy process. In addition, there is a possibility that there will be confusion or misunderstanding. If it is possible to use the support of one supplier, then this will be the best solution for your company.


Before you take any steps to modernize your data center, you’ll want to make sure the solution you choose is the right one for you. Various hyper-converged appliance vendors offer different scenarios for how you can manage your data center infrastructure. Thus, when communicating with suppliers, you need to make sure of all the smallest details that will make a huge difference to your company.

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