How can students use writing apps to finish assignments faster

Have college writing assignments lost their edge?

Three papers due at once? Nothing fantastic –  students call this ‘Tuesday.’ Everyone knows that students write the equivalent of a book every semester.

That considered, college writing has become less painful than it had been in the past. The college app ecosystem is continuously evolving. Students have the opportunity to finish writing assignments much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Soon, these apps will be able to replicate and reproduce the touch of a real writer. Scary stuff!

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Grammar Helpers For Speedwriting

Students write fast. And with that – grammar and punctuation errors come naturally. It appears there are two major lifehacks for this issue.

The paid lifehack is an app called Grammarly. It scans text at incredible speed, identifying grammar and punctuation issues. It also shows passive voice and formality errors. While it is helpful, it sometimes intervenes with your writing style. Not to mention that some suggestions can be entirely random and awful.

A much quicker and free way to check text is the Hemingway app. Designed to help writers keep sentences brief and bold, it has evolved to include some of Grammarly’s features. It doesn’t have a punctuation checker. Still, it does a scan for grammar errors and suggests interesting word choices. Good enough for a free app!

Apps for Synonyms and Creative Writing

Let’s talk about word choice – and creative writing students are in for a treat.

The Thesaurus app is a cohesive database of all possible synonyms of words. It lists synonyms in order from most to least relevant and is an excellent app for spicing up stories.

It’s more ‘niche’ and often overlooked twin brother is Roget’s Thesaurus. Instead of showing synonyms, it shows related words. For example: enter the query “city,” and Roget’s will list everything that has to do with a city. This includes lamp posts, cars, apartments – everything city-related!

Narrative writers will find this extremely useful for creating vivid settings.

Using Writing Services like EssayPro

Freshman and sophomore years are full of mandatory classes. Students want to get them out of the way – and their essays too. The answer to this lies in freelancers. And finding a freelancer trained in writing academic works takes mere seconds.

Students who need help with essay writing turn to services like EssayPro. These services hire qualified freelancers who write academic works for a living. Here is the best online writing tools.

Drop them a note, specify the topic and essay format and boom – your essay is done before you know it. This gives plenty free time for exams, important classes, or other personal activities.

Quick Historical Facts and Plot Summaries

Writing art history essays took ages before the internet. Students had to go to the library, rent books and look for historical facts — what a yawn.

Nowadays, with Wikipedia or educational Youtube channels, historical facts are instantly accessible. Keep in mind though – these sources do count as primary sources in an MLA style essay. For that, there is JSTOR and Google Scholar.

Literature students’ lives also changed. Those looking for cohesive plot summaries had to read or at least skim through books. With SparkNotes, all plot summaries and character developments are leaked.

With this, literature courses are easily skipped through!

Final Thoughts

Academic writing used to be painful in the past. With all these apps, it has become much more of a breeze. Some students use apps or call on pros to finish assignments faster. But those who go beyond – use them to find new creative ways to express themselves.

With the landscape of college apps ever evolving – colleges have a lot to adapt to. But for now, students have the benefit of shaping their college life as they choose.

If these apps truly help students finish their work faster – then why not take advantage while there is a chance?

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