Golden Cydia: Paid Apps for Free Download on iPhone

Golden Cydia is best for iPhone Users also very able to play and download all iPhone Apps and Games. iPhone users buy iPhone very high prices and after not money to Purches any Paid iPhone Apps and Games. So, don’t worry about this app to use some of the paid apps and games for free. You can read the below guide after Download Golden Cydia Apps for Free.

Golden Cydia

However, you can download paid apps for free on the iPhone. Golden Cydia very famous for “GoldenCydia” also called Golden Cydia is the app store. Also, you can download these apps for after providing very Easy hacks for the very best games like Pokémon Go and Subway surf many more Such games can be easily installed by tools like cydia impactor. Are you unaware of how to use cydia impactor, just drag and drop to install apps. Here, this service does not require any other additional app to download in your device.

Golden Cydia Features

1#. Golden Cydia Apps comes for many paid Apps and games for free.

2#. Also, the User interface and GUI are awesome.

3#. User-friendly.

4#. Also easy to use these Apps.

5#. It is free for non jailbroken Apple users.

How to Download & install Golden Cydia On iPhone/iPad

Golden Cydia

Golden Cydia is coming to download some paid apps and cracked games for free. You can see below Steps for Download and Install Golden Cydia for iPhone also works for latest iOS versions like iOS 9, iOS 9.1 also iOS 9.2.1, iOS 9.3 and many more.

Step 1: First, open the Safari Browser by unlocking your device, open Safari.

Step 2: After, Enter the URL like and wait some time website to completely load.

Step 3: Now, you can download some translator source from Cydia.

Step 4: After, all processes completed after you need to Search some apps and games available on the website and also you can easily find your search.

Step 5: After, you can click on the Green Bar to install the app.

Step 6: Now, you can receive a pop up to install the application.

Step 7: Tap on Install to continue.

Step 8: Now, some manually Settings in your Devices like Go, to Settings and after General after you can find Profiles section in the General tab. Find your app profile and trust profiles.

Step 9: Done.

Install Golden Cydia if You Already Have a Jailbroken iPhone [Hack Games]

Golden Cydia

Now, you can follow the step by step guide for install Golden Cydia if you already have a jailbroken iPhone.

Step 1: Open Cydia.  

Step 2: After, go to Manage.

Step 3: Now, click to Tap Sources.

Step 4: After, tap the Add button on the top left corner.

Step 5: Here, message box for entering Cydia/URL like entering after the tap on Add Source.

Step 6: After Tap to continue.

Step 5: After, go to Cydia > Manage > Sources after seeing Golden Cydia repo there.

Step 6: Now, Tap the source and search for anything like Pokémon GO ++ and Subway Surfers for install and hacks.

Step 7: Done.

Final Words

However, above mentioned all steps for Download and Install Golden Cydia in your iPhone Devices and also this app for language developing in English. You follow Steps that is very helpful for you.

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