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All the banks, financial institutions, and even retailers are going paperless when it comes to monetary transactions. Global Cash Card is a similar offering that allows users to make transactions with this on every shop that accept debit and credit card. Global Cash Card is available in Visa and Mastercard but in order to use that, users must have to activate it at the official website of the company – activation process of GCC or Global Cash Card begins with signing up on the site (for the first-time user) and thee ready online-account has many functions for the users. The already registered users (existing cardholders) can log in directly to So, to make all these processes simple, we have summarized all the things you need to know about the Global Cash Card.

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Global Cash Card Online Account Benefits

There are a number of benefits that users can enjoy after registering themselves to Here are the features and the functions of the global cash card online login and signup account.

  • The users can their account and check the balance and the limit.
  • Online registration allows users to transfer money to make payments.
  • Global Cash Card users can use this online portal to find the ATMs nearby your locations.
  • The Global Cash Card is accepted at every place worldwide which accepts Visa and Mastercard cards.

This Global Cash Card platform can be accessed on your phone as well as the computer.

How to Activate Your Global Cash Card – The First Step

In order to activate the Global Cash Card @, the first step is to register yourself. If you are using the cash card for the first time. Let’s find out step by step guide for it:

  1. Visit the official site of GCC – globalcashcard.comon mobile or PC browser.
  2. On the landing page, you shall see and option to Sign Up/Login, so click on it.
  3. This will actually open the login page, now you have to select the Sign-Up option given beneath the login square.
  4. Now on the registration page, you have to provide all the necessary information that is asked.
  5. You have to enter your name, card number, address, email, and other details.
  6. Then you have to create the username and the password or your GCC account.
  7. Follow all the information on the screen and your account at would be ready.

Once you are registered on the GCC online portal, you have to login again and then activate the Global Cash Card. While registering, you can choose services like email and text alerts.

How to Activate Your Global Cash Card – The Second Step

The second step in the activation of your Global Cash Card is to log in to the Global Cash Card account. This login process is a no-brainer but still essential to learn. Registered users can use the web service or app of Global Cash Card to proceed with it.

  1. Open the direct link of the login @ https://cardholder.globalcashcard.comor just open the Global Cash Card app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Now on the required field, you have to enter the credentials.
  3. If it asked for OTP (One-Time Password via phone) then enter your registered mobile number.
  4. Once you have been confirmed and entered the login username and the password, hit the log in option.

Boom! Now you are on the dashboard. Your Global cash Card online account profile would be opened on the screen.

How to Activate Your Global Cash Card – The Final Step

Now on your profile page on the dashboard, you shall see and option to activate your Global Cash Card. You can also open the direct link @  and complete the login process again.

  1. Now on the screen, you need to provide the GCC number and other information mentioned on it such as expiry date or CVV.
  2. Once you have provided all the required information, you have to click on the human verification icon. It is to confirm that this process is not carried out by the robot the bot tools.
  3. Now, you can select the new PIN for your new Global cash Card and manage all the things related to it.

Note: The process for Visa Global Cash Debit Card and Mastercard Global Cash Debit Card is the same. The activation of your GCC can also be done at the Global Cash Card online platform.

How to Activate Global Cash Card – The Phone Call Process

Now for some people, this online process of Global Cash Card activation may seem very complex and lengthy. That is why there also an option to activate your GC Card via phone call. This method will only be helpful to activate the card but it won’t allow you the access the features like statement, balance, and others that you can perform at

Just dial the number 1866 395 9200 from any number. After connected with the executive, you will be asked to provide some personal information to confirm your identity. Once that is done, your card will be activated.

Final Words

So, this is how easily any new user activates his/her Global Cash Card online or via phone call. Remember, never trust the people calling you to provide details to confirm your card. Either you have to make the call or you can do it online.

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