FrostWire: Best LimeWire alternative and best Torrent Client

FrostWire is one of the eldest and most trusted free & open-source BitTorrent clients in the market right now. It offers several features and provides tools to download torrents seamlessly make it different from others. It provides a built-in torrent search, all-new download manager, media library, music player, and much more. So, you can download all of your favourite movies, videos, games music, and many more files directly to your device. There is no limit on download size or download speed. It means you can download torrent files using P2P sharing torrent network. Users can create playlists to play music offline without requiring internet.


FrostWire is available for Android, Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. So it makes easy to download files on almost every platform. It downloads torrent files by splitting them into multiple chunks and downloads them from multiple sources. So you will get the maximum download speed from the trackers. Unlike other torrent clients, FrostWire offers several awesome core features such as built-in torrent search engine, single-click download, choose a location for file storage and media browser and much more. So Frostwire is excellent and best option compared to other open-source BitTorrent clients available in the market for a computer and mobile devices.

Features of FrostWire

We already told why FrostWire is one of the best bit-torrent clients to download torrent files easily at a higher speed. Here, we have mentioned some salient features of FrostWire.

  • In-App Search – It can be connected to several torrent search engines as well as Cloud sources to and you can find millions of public domain, free downloadable files, and creative commons. You shall see the search results in-app.
  • Media Preview & Play Downloading – Stream files from the cloud before you download. You can play the files that are being downloaded before their completion of downloads.
  • Download Only The Files You Want –It is easy to download any file using FrostWire. You can select a single file from torrent as well as the entire torrent package.
  • Built-in Media Player & Library – You can manage the downloaded files easily. There is a built-in media player in FrostWire so you shall have easy access to the files and you can create playlists and listen to music in a car by the built-in gesture-based audio player for android.

Download FrostWire for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Here, are the direct download links to download FrostWire torrent-client for your devices.

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Best Alternatives to FrostWire | Top FrostWire Alternatives

No doubt in the fact that FrostWire is one of the best BitTorrent clients to download torrent files on your all devices. But there are other bit torrent clients in the market similar to FrostWire which can be used as the best alternatives to FrostWire.


uTorrent is one of the best alternatives to FrostWire and the most trusted torrent-client to download torrent files on your devices. It renders P2P (peer to peer) transfer of files easily and fast downloading speed with unwavering quality. It occupies a very little space in your device so it is a very light P2P program. You can paste the direct link of the magnet link of any torrent file and paste it in uTorrent for easy download. Its other features include multiple downloads simultaneously, quick resume disturbed downloads, and you can choose a single file from the torrent package.


When we are talking about the best FrostWire alternatives then KTorrent cannot be ignored as it is a BitTorrent application by KDE which allows you to download any torrent file using BitTorrent protocol. You can run more than two torrents at the same time and concurrent download multiple files at the same time. It is similar to FrostWire, uTorrent, and other client applications but it offers an all-new interface with several new features that make it distinctive from others. You can add some plug-ins to KTorrent to enhance its functionality and its other features include global and per-torrent speed limit, import half or fully downloaded files, a preview of some file types, selection of files from torrent package files, UDP tracker support and much more.


tTorrent is a BitTorrent client to download torrent files using magnet links or torrent link. tTorrent is available for Android and Windows system. It offers the basic function of pasting a magnet link in its search engine and then it would fetch the torrent files for a while and your download will start automatically. The speed of the download depends on the seeders of the file and the internet speed. We recommend you to use Wi-Fi or 4G LTE connectivity to download torrent files using tTorrent. It allows you to five maximum downloads at the same time and uses multi-downloadable chunks to render a better speed. Additionally, it includes features like torrent searching, RSS bolster, connecting magnet links, and it is best to use on mobile devices.


qBittorrent is a widely used torrent client which is absolutely free and open-source written in C++. It is said to be one of the best alternatives to uTorrent and FrostWire. It offers an integrated search engine so you can search torrent files directly from the app and download them directly to your device. Its additional features include concurrent multiple downloads =, attached RSS feed reader and downloader, light and easy to control files on qBittorrent. qBittorrent offers NAT-PMP and UPnP port forwarding support, IP filtering, IPv6 compliant, advance RSS support with download filters. It is available for Windows and Mac PC.


BitComet is an alternative torrent downloader client to FrostWire. It is BitTorrent, FTP, and HTTP client that allows several functions in torrent files downloading. It offers high-speed download. BitComet offers a quite simple and user-friendly interface and includes features multi-downloads, multi-mirror, quick resume failed downloads, a dedicated tool to shutdown computer after the completion of the download, and bandwidth scheduler. Users can preview downloading files even before their completion and it allows you to easily configure settings related to the proxy, download task, long-term seeding, and integration with internet explorer. So with all these features, 1Bittorrent is one of the best alternatives to FrostWire and uTorrent.

Final Words:

You can use FrostWire to download torrent files and it offers out of the world features but if you want to choose some other BitTorrent client applications then you can pick anyone from the list of FrostWire Alternatives in this post. If you have any suggestion or feedback then you can contact us through the comment box.

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