Best Free Beat Making Software for you in 2021 | Top free DAW software for Windows 2021

Here’s a question that Comes up quite a bit “What is the best free beat making software? Or what is the best DAW software for Windows in 2021? The answer isn’t going to be the same for everyone. So in this post, we are going to go over some of the best free beat making software in 2021 for the PC and you can decide which one might be the best for you. Download some of them and see which one is best for your style.

Free Beat Making Software

Some of them may need a licensed version once the free demo is over but that’s the perk of these beat making software for Windows. You can decide which will meet the requirements of yours. So if you are into music and want to make your own beats then these are some of the DAWs or free beat making software for Windows 10 and other versions.

The 7 Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows in 2021


When we are speaking of free beat making software this digital audio workstation (DAW) completely should be on your list. Cakewalk by Bandlab which was formerly known as Sonar Platinum is a free and powerful DAW. It has the traditional layout and workflow plus you get several instruments and effects with it. Bandlab updates Cakewalk all the time so it’s not like this is an abandoned piece of software. The idea is to use Cakewalk to get people into their music community.

There are no limitations with Cakewalk. You can record full bands, drum sets or whatever you want. If you’re a solo artist you can easily access the piano roll and all the features to make music on your own. This is a great choice for bands, musicians, and home studio owners on a tight budget. You’ll need to download the Bandlab Assistant program and use that to install Cakewalk. So this could be one of the best free beat making software for your computer.


This next free beat making software or DAW on the list isn’t technically free but you can download the demo and use it for as long as you like and the demo is the full unlocked version of the software. The only thing in Reaper is that there’s a five-second delay before you can start a project or go into a project when you first load Reaper up. But it doesn’t affect your music at all. If you do decide to download it and you really enjoy using Reaper, please show them some support by purchasing a license. It’s only like $60 and it will help them to continue making this great DAW software.

Also, if you plan on using this commercially, you must purchase a commercial license. Reaper has no limitations. The only limitations are what your audio interface can handle and what your computer can handle. So unlimited audio and MIDI tracks with an unlimited number of tracks recorded at the same time, Reaper comes with a large collection of decent effects plugins plus you can add all of your third-party plug-ins in Reaper as well. Another cool thing is that you can even run it on a portable USB Drive if you want to. We think free beat making software is a great alternative to Pro Tools.

Magix Music Maker Free

Magix Music Maker Free is great for newcomers to audio production. As the soundpool loops that are included, they are a great way to start learning how to arrange and edit music in a free beat making software. Magix Music Maker Free comes with four soundpools & three instruments. Soundpools are like loop packs and each one has a particular style and sound so all of the loops in that soundpool will work together easily. Plus, you can mix and match loops from other soundpools.

We find that Magix Music Maker is a pretty easy program to learn and you get basic effects plugins plus a guitar amp simulator. Another plus is the instruments that this free DAW software for Windows comes with, they actually sound great. This software can be a great way to start learning to make music and recording MIDI or audio on your computer. It does have some track limitations and it doesn’t allow you to add third-party plugins. You’ll have to upgrade your version for that. Upgrading your version also opens up many more sounds instruments and features.

Harrison Mixbus

This next free beat making software really doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. Harrison have been making recording consoles for over 40 years. This DAW gives you the power of an actual studio console with all of the great features of a modern digital audio workstation. The mixing workflow of Mixbus is where it really shines as the mixer is very well laid out with many of the key features easily accessible right on the screen. There’s no clicking and searching for things.

This one can be great for bands, solo musicians, beat makers, and pretty much any studio. If you want to get that classic analog feel without having to purchase a huge console then, this program might be for you. You can download Harrison Mixbus for free but if you want its full version then it costs around $79 which is nothing against your passion for making music right?

Honorable mentions

Pro Tools First

If you’re ever thinking of working in a pro studio one day, you may want to download Pro Tools First. As a lot of pro studios still operate on Pro Tools and Pro Tools First is the free version of that program.

Ableton Live Lite

Another honorable mention is Ableton Live Lite. Ableton Live is a great free beat making software for solo songwriters or even bands. The lite version is basically the full software but it has a track limit of 8 tracks. You can still do a lot with also it’s only free if you get it bundled with hardware or software. But it’s actually bundled with quite a bit of gear so chances are you may have this DAW already.

PreSonus Studio One Prime

PreSonus Studio One is becoming very popular so you might want to try the free version and see if it fits your workflow and style. That way if you ever encounter it in another studio you’ll at least know how to use Studio One.


The ideal music production software according to us is the one where the interface doesn’t interfere with your music production. You can just record your music and get down to business without having to mess with settings or anything like that. These are some of the top and best beat making software so give them a try and tell us which suits your music style.

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