Is Foliovia a Legit Website?

Foliovia is an online shopping website that sells various products like bakeware, kitchen tools, and home goods at highly discounted prices. At first glance, Foliovia appears to be a legitimate e-commerce platform offering bargains to shoppers. However, there are many red flags indicating that Foliovia is likely a scam website that engages in deceptive practices.

Let’s Look at the Legitimacy of Foliovia

Upon closer inspection, there are several signs that Foliovia is not a trustworthy website:

Registrar Dynadot
Registration Date June 18, 2023
Verdict SCAM
Pseudo Face Online shop


Recently Created Domain

The Foliovia domain was registered very recently in June 2023, which is common for fraudulent sites that quickly disappear. Genuine online stores normally have domain history spanning several years.

Lack of Contact Information

Foliovia does not provide a phone number, physical address, or live chat for customers to reach out for support. This makes it extremely difficult to resolve any issues with orders or request refunds. Legitimate businesses have multiple contact methods.

Fake Business Details

There are no authentic details about the company behind Foliovia. The website shows a bogus London address and UK registration number that cannot be verified. This is a deceptive tactic used by scam sites.

Unrealistic Discounts

Foliovia claims to offer up to 90% off retail prices which is unrealistic. Legitimate retailers cannot sustain such deep discounts on all products continuously. This tactic aims to bait customers.

Copied Product Images

All the product images on Foliovia have been stolen from other major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba. The lack of original content indicates the images are fake.

No Social Media Presence

Despite claiming to sell popular products, Foliovia has no social media links or accounts. Most real brands maintain social media pages for marketing and customer service.

Negative Online Reviews

There are many negative Foliovia reviews online reporting non-delivery of orders, receiving wrong items, and inability to get refunds. This confirms it is a scam operation.

User Experiences WithFoliovia

Based on multiple user testimonials online, those who have ordered from Foliovia report the following experiences:

  • Products never arrived after payment
  • Received completely different, inferior quality items
  • Faced problems getting responses from customer service
  • Emails requesting refunds were ignored
  • Credit cards were fraudulently charged for undelivered goods

Many customers stated they never received any items they paid for, even months later. Some received cheap knock-offs that were not the original products displayed on the site. Customers also reported that Foliovia did not respond to any communication attempts.

Conclusion: ALERT!!Foliovia Is a Scam

Foliovia exhibits multiple clear warning signs of being a scam e-commerce website: lack of authentic contact information and company details, unrealistic discounts, stolen product imagery, newly created domain, and negative reviews regarding fraud.

The numerous user reports of getting scammed and losing money provide further evidence that Foliovia cannot be trusted. They likely sell counterfeit or substandard items and have no real customer service.

To avoid getting defrauded, shoppers should steer clear of Foliovia and other similar websites that display multiple red flags. Only use reputable online retailers that can be verified through research and have longstanding domain history. Be very cautious of websites offering deep discounts on all products continuously. It is always prudent to read reviews and confirm a website’s legitimacy before placing any order.

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