FirstPremierCard: Activate Your First Premier Card Easily

These days, a customer can’t use a debut car or credit directly after he/she has received it via postal mail. In order to confirm that the card has reached in the hands of the right customer, the bank follows a process to activate a new credit card and debit card. If you have received FirstPremierCard then you would need to activate it.


There are various methods by which you can activate the First Premier Card. The first requirement is to register at FirstPremierCard online portal This will not only help you to activate your FirstPremierCard, but it helps to manage your banking details and FirstPremierCard transactions.

How Can I Activate My First Premier Card?

There are usually four methods to activate FirstPremierCard.

  1. Activate FirstPremierCard via internet banking
  2. Activate First Premier Card via FirstPremierCard mobile application
  3. Activate FirstPremierCard via Customer Support Service
  4. Activate FirstPremierCard via ATM

First Premier Card Activation Process: Online Banking

Here is the simple step by step guide to activating your FirstPremierCard through the online banking website of My Premier Credit Card.

  1. The first thing you would require is to register as a new customer @ If you are already registered then login and click on activate my FirstPremierCard.
  2. Simply click on the enroll option and you will see a new page on the screen.
  3. Here, you have to provide all the necessary details such as account number, your personal details, SSN, and submit it.
  4. Once your FirstPremierCard online account is activated, you can simply log in to this website.
  5. Now when you have opened your FirstPremierCard account dashboard, click on “Activate FirstPremierCard.”
  6. Here, you need to provide the card number and other personal details. After submitting it, your FirstPremierCreditCard will be activated.

First Premier Card Activation Process: Mobile Application

Here is the simple step by step guide to activating your FirstPremierCard through the mobile app of My Premier Credit Card.

  1. Download the FirstPremierCard mobile app on your smartphone. Download it for iOSand Android
  2. Remember, you must be a registered user, or else you can sign up through a mobile app as well.
  3. You have to provide all the required detail and you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Confirm it on the app.
  4. Then, put all the required details of your FirstPremierCard and follow other instructions given on the screen.
  5. Your FirstPremierCard will be activated. On the app, you can also manage other banking transactions.

First Premier Card Activation Process: Customer Service Call

Here is the simple step by step guide to activating your FirstPremierCard through a phone call to the customer care service of My Premier Credit Card.

  1. Make a call on 1800 987 5521 from the registered mobile number at the FirstPremierCard account.
  2. Once you are connected with the executive, you need to provide all the important details about your account First Premier Credit Card.
  3. Once all the details are confirmed by the customer care executive, he/she will activate the FirstPremierCard from the system.

First Premier Card Activation Process: ATM

Here is the simple step by step guide to activating your FirstPremierCard through ATM of My Premier Credit Card.

  1. Go to First Premier Credit Card Bank ATM and insert your card in the machine.
  2. Here, you have to generate a new ATM PIN. Just enter the registered mobile number and enter the code on ATM that you have received on the mobile number.
  3. Once you have set your PIN, go to the activate option of the premier credit card.
  4. Here, again you have to confirm your identity and for security reasons, provide OTP.
  5. Once you are done with it, your FirstPremierCard will be activated.

Bottom line

Your FirstPremierCard or First Premier Credit Card can be activated through these various ways. You can choose whichever is convenient for you. You just need to try one method. Try another method if the method doesn’t work for you. If you face any error while following the process, just contact the FirstPremierCard customer support service.

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