Artificial intelligence (AI) vs. machine learning (ML)

There is misunderstanding with these two notions. The difference between AI and ML was discussed at the strata data conference in 2019. Nowadays companies sell their solutions and ignore the differences between terms for more resonant advertising.

Both notions are technological breakthroughs. Face substitution and aging applications. Voice assistants who can book a table or book a ticket.

Solutions that recognize atrial fibrillation and heart attack. And this is just what happened just recently. The popularity of AI technologies is growing. It means that the demand for them is also growing. This leads to an increase in the entire developer community and the emergence of AI frameworks. As a result. learning and working become easier. Let’s consider the main features of them.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the context of information security is software that can interpret the state of the environment. It’s able to recognize the events take the necessary measures to solve the problem. This technology helps in recognizing patterns and anomalies/ Nowadays it’s the best solution for detecting threats.

AI is not truly intelligent. It means that it can’t recognize the idea behind a particular attack. Therefore, a key element of any cybersecurity is still a human.

AI, at the same time, helps systems to adapt to the company requirements without prior training.

AI helps to solve more complex problems. There are a lot of factors that influence the level of cyber risk. Here can be listed unsecured ports, the presence of systems without patches, the level of password strength, the arrival of targeted phishing messages, the amount of unencrypted confidential data, and so on.

Machine learning

Machine learning systems are used to independently learn from human input and the results of actions. ML tools use information about the development of events in the past and make predictions.

ML helps guarantee faster process data. Also, it makes a correlation to the events, occurred at different periods in different regions. Some attacks can be repeatable.

Experts say that ML is the future. Our life nowadays is connected to new technologies that have to be reliable. In the nearest future, ML would be used with top companies and startups.

The key difference between AI and ML

The ability to classify the differences of AI and ML are critical. It helps to intelligently apply AI solutions at different levels of government and drive business growth.

The fundamental difference lies in their approaches. AI is a general term used to refer to an area that attempts to mimic human behavior and intelligence. Any method or approach that is capable of doing this falls under AI.

Machine learning is a subset of AI that implements it by learning patterns from data. So the difference between artificial intelligence vs machine learning is on the surface.

Unlike machine learning, AI is a goal that is constantly changing because it is closely related to technological advances. Therefore, there are very blurred lines of defining something like AI. While machine learning is a well-defined technology. Perhaps in 20 years, today’s innovations in the field and AI will be considered as simple as calculators are for us today.

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