How To Earn Money With ChampCash Application

ChampCash is one of the most popular applications for earning money from android phone. We can make unlimited money from ChampCash application. There are a lot of people earn thousands of rupees from ChampCash in India, But still many peoples don’t know how to make money with ChampCash application. Today I will tell you how to Earn money with ChampCash App very easily.

How To Use ChampCash App

There are many apps available in playstore for making money like cent, mobile wiki etc. but champcash is different from them. We can Transfer our ChampCash balance in PayPal or Bank account also we can recharge any prepaid number. Friends this is an excellent application for android users. In this app you have to complete some of the tasks that given by champcash when you finish this task, you will be credited.

ChampCash gives us money for downloading apps and referring friends. You can see friends on social media like Facebook and what’s app. Champcash gives you more advantage for your friend’s friend installing app too.

Suppose you refer 1, 1 indicates 2, two refers 3, three refers 4, 4refers5, 5 refers 6 and six refers to seven you will get for seven installations too. ChampCash gives you for friend app installation benefit because the 1st friend came on champcash because of you. Follow bellows steps carefully.

  • First of all, download champ cash application from playstore and install it on your phone. After installation opens it.
  • Now you can see sign up button on phones screen, tap on it.
  • Then you can see the form where you have to enter Name, Email, New password, Birth date, country, and phone number and click on  PROCCED
  • Now ChampCash Ask you sponsors refer id, inter 1371044 this refer id and tap on Submit.
  • To Start Earning You Must Complete The Challenge which comes on next screen. Now you can see the window like this accept it and continue. Now you will get one challenge, in that challenge you have to install some another Apps
  • After completing this challenge successfully, you will get 1$ ( in rupees Rs.65/- Approx ).
  • You will earn unlimited from inviting friends.

 How To Recharge Any Prepaid From Earned Money

When you earn minimum 10$, you can transfer it to your PayPal account, or you can recharge your prepaid number. There are some rules for redeeming champcash balance. Read this carefully.

  1. For recharge prepaid mobile number or transfer balance to PayPal account, your balance should be minimum 10$.
  2. If you want to transfer your balance to the bank account, then your minimum ChampCash balance should be $50.
  3. You can use any mobile number in champcash because we don’t need to verify the mobile number.
  4. If you have minimum 10$ in your ChampCash account, then you will be able to recharge any prepaid mobile number. For the recharge, any prepaid follow bellows instruction correctly.
  5. Click on a menu bar; then you will see redeem option tap on it.
  6. Then you will find two buttons Recharge and Bank Redeem tap on Recharge.
  7. Now enter your mobile number, select operator, enter recharge amount and click on VERIFY & RECHARGE, your phone will recharge.

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