Do Villagers Despawn in Minecraft? How to Keep Your Villagers from Despawning?

There are many worlds in Minecraft, and sometimes they can be lonely and scary places. You witness unexpected terrors of creatures and zombies at night. Minecraft is dangerous, and no one would want to sacrifice themselves to other dangerous and bloodsucking animals. However, villagers and their peculiarities are something that makes the world of Minecraft worth living.

But many questions are among the players about these villagers. How long do they live if they are not killed by anyone? Can they die due to natural reasons? If left alone, do villagers despawn in Minecraft? If they despawn, how to keep villagers from despawning? Here, we are going to answer all of these questions. Plus, you will also learn how to keep your villagers away from the hands of death.

After How Much Time Things Despawn in Minecraft?

Any item or thing that is dropped in the game gets automatically despawn after 4-5 minutes. Tridents and arrows despawn after a minute, and saddles despawn after once their mound disappears. These things despawn, but the real question is whether villagers despawn or not?

Do Villagers Despawn?

If anything happens in a place where no one is around, such things don’t get noticed in Minecraft. When there are no players under a 128-block radius, people get despawned automatically. Likewise, without a player, mobs within a 32-block radius despawn immediately. However, several special mobs have different despawn times, but other mobs that don’t have nametag despawn every second. Villagers are also an exception from despawning. They do not despawn in Minecraft. However, it is very hard to keep them alive. There are many ways in which villagers can die. Very often, villagers get struck by lightning, starved, killed by hostiles, suffocated, become witches, and there are many more ways they can die.

So, the next question is, how to keep them alive and keep them from getting despawn. Yes, there are ways to save your villagers for a long time.

Keep Them in Quarantine

We are safe when we are quarantine and stay at home most of the time in the current situation. Similarly, if you want to save your villagers, keep them in quarantine. You know the world is very dangerous in Minecraft, and there are many things that can become the reason for their death. So, seal your villagers inside a home or indoor, and you can keep them safe.

Keep The Space Well-Lit

Villagers can be killed by the undead as well. Zombies tend to come when the lighting level is below 7, so you need to make sure that everything is well-lit when you leave your villagers on their own.

Make Sure They Are Housed

Most players keep their villagers in four walls but without a roof. When you keep them in an open sky, the game doesn’t consider it as a house. This can be risky for villagers. So, make sure your villagers are in a proper house to keep them safe.

Keep Them in a Village

Keeping your villagers in their village is also a good way to protect them. When they are 32 blocks away from their original village, they tend to forget the name of the villager after six seconds. Eventually, they can get lost or killed by the mob. This is risky when a villager would forget everything about his life if he stays far for more than six seconds.

Do Villagers Respawn?

Now another question of villager’s respawn comes to our mind. However, the answer is simple. Once the villagers are dead, they do not respawn. They are similar to a real human in these matters. If they are dead, they are dead forever. When you check your villages and find them empty without any reason, zombies attack, or wayward villagers may have visited them. But you should not be afraid as there are a couple of options to rebuild your village.

Breeding Villagers

Normally, you should have villagers to get more villagers. Even if you have no villagers, you may have to borrow a pair of villagers from another village. Yes, it seems like human trafficking, but that’s how it works. Now you can encourage that pair to breed and produce more and more villagers. In order to save their kind, you may have to kidnap them. It is also required to close them behind doors by snatching their freedom.

However, there must be the willingness of villagers to breed. In order to get a pair in the mood of intimacy, you require to have free beds with a 2-block clearance and food in the inventory of the village. These two things are required as they help in the growth of babies. When the bed is within villagers’ reach, and the pair has some intimacy, soon you will have more villagers in your village.

Curing Zombie Villagers

Another way to reestablish a village is to cure zombie villagers. When you do not find villagers who are unwilling to be a part of your plan to create a village, you may find a zombie village and cure them of the sheer infection. Arrow of Weakness with Golden Apple, Lingering potion of Weakness, or Splash Potion of Weakness is required to cure such villagers.

The first step would be to get all infected zombie villagers to a safe place and keep them away from direct sunlight. Get the potion and or shoot them with an arrow. And, when they are weak as a zombie, you can feed them the golden apple. They will slowly shake and discharge red swirls. Once it’s done, they will be healthy, and you can start your own village. However, you need to keep in mind that if you have taken them away to have a safe place, you have to get them back to their village. Thus, this is how you can cure or respawn villagers.

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