How to Fix the Digiyatra App Not Available in Your Country?

Are you someone who flies frequently due to personal or professional needs? If yes, chances are that you are tired of the long queues that are often common when you are checking in.

To avert that issue, the Indian government launched the Digiyatra app, which allows flyers to digitize the check-in process and bypass the longer lines that not only waste a lot of time but create an even bigger hassle. However, several users have reported that they are seeing a “Digiyatra not available in country” error when trying to install the app.

If you are experiencing a similar issue with the Digiyatra app not being available in your country, we have sorted all the steps to fix the error.

What is Digiyatra app?

The DigiYatra app is an initiative that’s developed to make the terminal entry & security clearance at the airport an easy process. The app uses facial recognition technology for seamless workthrough.

Available for both Android and iOS users, the app requires a one-time registration of the passenger, following which they can upload their upcoming flight details and documentation and have everything approved digitally so they can bypass the normal queues at the airport to expedite the check-in and security process.

Since the concept behind the DigiYatra app is so new, it isn’t surprising that the facility isn’t accessible in every airport pan India. However, it is available in the major metropolitan city airports.

How to fix the “DigiYatra App Not available in country” error?

Several users who have tried to download the DigiYatra app on their smartphones have reported errors that suggest that the app isn’t available in their country. To be fair, the app is India-specific, which means that if you live outside India, the app might show up as unavailable in the Play Store and App Store.

Following are a few steps you can follow-

  1. Start by opening the Play Store or App Store depending on which smartphone you are using.
  2. In the search bar, type free VPN and download one that has good reviews and ratings.
  3. Once you have installed the VPN app, launch it on your smartphone and select India as the country server.
  4. From there, you have to navigate to your phone settings.
  5. Go to Apps and find Play Store or App Store.
  6. Clear the cache of the app and tap on Force Stop. Close the settings app.
  7. Then launch the Play or App store on your phone and type DigiYatra in the search bar.
  8. Once you find the app, you should be able to download and install the app to your phone.

Make sure that once you finish downloading the app and using it, close the free VPN service running in the background. Not doing so will affect the functionalities of the remaining apps on your smartphone.


It is justified for you to feel frustrated when all you want to do is download the DigiYatra app on your phone but it says it’s unavailable in your country. Using a VPN service is the best workaround but it comes with some extra steps like we mentioned before. Ensure that you cross-check the reviews before you go ahead with the download process.

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