How Much Does Cusocal Pay in 2023?

Are you on the verge of joining Cu SoCal and wondering about the rates and special offers? This article explains everything about Cu SoCal’s competitive rates and flexible terms on both loans and deposits.

The Credit Union of Southern California (Cu SoCal) always values its members and strives hard to offer them the best yield rates. It has been empowering people for over 60 years and helps them achieve their financial goals.

If you are planning to bank with Cu SoCal and need help figuring out their promotional rates, this guide should interest you. Here, we have highlighted loan rates, deposit rates, and all other special offers you’ll be going to enjoy with Cu SoCal. Shall we proceed?

A Quick Glimpses of Cu SoCal

New to Cu SoCal and want to dig deep into this not-for-profit financial institution? Here’s a brief introduction to Cu SoCal to facilitate our new readers and let them aware of what’s the buzz all about.

Cu SoCal, also known as the Credit Union of Southern California, is a first-hand financial institution established in 1954. It is headquartered in Anaheim and is the 24th largest credit union in the state of California. Besides, Cu SoCal is the 151st largest credit union in the country, thus deserving all the attention.

This financial institution is mainly launched for those living, working, studying, or worshipping in various counties in California, including Riverside, Orange, LA County, etc. It offers best-in-class support and higher yield rates, thereby attracting buyers from every nook and corner of the state.

What are the loan and deposit rates of Cu SoCal?

While Cu SoCal is best known for offering excellent and lucrative rates on loans and deposits, it’s still advised to have a detailed idea of the figures before investing in it. Scroll down the page and find what Cu SoCal is paying and what makes this financial institution worth investing in.

Loan Rates

This Credit Union of Southern California provides some eye-rolling credit union rates in the industry, which in turn, makes this institution lucrative. Read on and take notes.

  1. Auto Loans
  • New Loan (2022 – 2023), Up to 48 months: 64% to 18.54%
  • New Auto (2022 – 2023), Up to 60 to 72 months: 84% to 18.74%
  • New Auto (2022 2023), Up to 84 months: 34% to 12.64%
  • Owned Auto (2013 – 2022), Up to 48 months: 04% to 18.94%
  • Owned Auto (2013 – 2022), Up to 60 to 72 months: 24% to 19.14%
  • Owned Auto (2013 – 2022), Up to 84 months:74% to 13.04%
  1. Credit Cards
  • CU SoCal Topaz Visa Credit Card, for a maximum limit of $50,000: 65% to 18.65%
  • CU SoCal Platinum Rewards Visa, for a maximum limit of $50,000: 65% to 19.90%
  • Share Secured Visa Platinum Rewards, for a maximum credit limit of 95% of balance: 65%
  1. Personal Loan
  2. Secured personal Loan
  • Share Secured, up to 120 months: 95%
  • Certificate Secured, maturity: 50% + Share Certificate Rate
  • Credit Builder, maturity: 5% + Current 12 Month Share Certificate Rate
  1. Unsecured personal loan
  • Line of Credit Overdraft Protection, for Line of Credit: 49% to 17.49%
  • Signature Loan, 60 months: 49% to 17.49%
  1. Mortgage
  1. Fixed-Rate
  • 10-year fixed: 632%
  • 15-year fixed: 683%
  • 20-year fixed: 646%
  • 30-year fixed: 863%
  1. Adjustable-Rate
  • 5/1 ARM: 326%
  • 7/1 ARM: 577%
  • 5/5 ARM: 452%
  1. Personal Watercraft
  • New personal watercraft (2022- 2023, up to 84 months): 84% – 11.74%

Deposit Rates

Cu SoCal always prioritizes members’ benefits; hence, offers some of the best deposit rates, depending on the accounts, including Savings, Checking, Money Market, Certificates, and IRAs. The deposit rates are mentioned below.

  1. Savings
  • Regular Savings with $10 minimum opening balance: 0.10%
  • IRA Savings with $5 minimum opening balance: 0.10%
  • Deferred Compensation with $10 minimum opening balance: 0.45%
  • Holiday Saver with $10 minimum opening balance: 0.30%
  • Summer Saver with $50 minimum opening balance: 0.30%
  1. Checking
  • $0.00 and up: Not Applicable (Classic Checking)
  • $0: 0.10% (Rewards Checking)


It’s all what we know about the Cu SoCal loan and deposit rates. In addition to them, the credit union is specialized in offering discounts and referral offers to multiply savings by manifolds. So, do you find this institution worth it? Please share your opinions with us in the comments below and let us know which loan or deposit rate attracts you the most. For more such banking and credit union details, stay tuned with us.

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