The Ultimate Colorbundle Free Download | The Best Presets for Photoshop and Lightroom

Ever wonder you have the same DSLR that your favorite Instagram influencer use or he has the same iPhone that you use still, why his/her photos seem appealing on their profile. FYI, all the Instagram models and social influencers use Adobe Lightroom Classic on their desktop as well as Lightroom mobile. Well, seeing all these, you get the Adobe Lightroom Classic on your desktop or mobile and still you are unable to create the photos same as those Instagram models? That’s why we have got you a set of the best presets that you would need to convert your photos to the best version.


This Ultimate Colorbundle (The top presets) is created by an Instagram personality called “Not Jack.” He has collected the presets from more than 30 Instagram influencers and is offering you the whole bundle at $77. But we are going to give you that for free. How? That is a later part of this article.

What is Ultimate Colorbundle? Why Do I Need It?

As we said, over 30 models and professionals have come together to offer the presets that they use in their photos. So, all you need to do is, download these colorbundle presets for free and import them on the mobile or desktop Lightroom Classic and you are good to go.

With a single click, you will be able to change your photos to another level. We guarantee you that these are the Colorbundle presets you need all your life. It has more than 500 ways to color your photos. There is more than 200 color presets that work on Lightroom mobile as well. So, just grab this free colorbundle deal from our site and you will have “THE ONLY PRESETS YOU NEED. PERIOD”

Which Instagram Celebrities Have Offered Their Presets in Colorbundle?

These 30+ creators of the Colorbundle include Jay Alvarrez (our favorite), Sorelle Amore, Sam Kolder, Chelsea Y, Jack Delulio (who collect all these presets in one), Sean Ingram, Gab, Scanu, Mat Abad, Jacob Riglin, Aggie Lal, Oleg Cricket, Spencer Miller, Chris Rogers, Naila, Saxon Kent, Chris Rogers, Matt Komo, and many more.

Each creator has created multiple presets that would work on almost every color or condition in which you have clicked the photos. Just import those presets in the Adobe Lightroom Classic and turn your photos into the magically good filter.

How to Download Colorbundle for Free?

As we said the official sale of the whole package costs around $77 and you can avail the discount of around $10. But these tools can be downloaded for free here. Here, we have given the free download links and you can add paid presets for free.

The Ultimate Color Bundle Free Download – Link 1

The Ultimate ColorBundle Presets For free Download – Link 2

How to Use ColorBundle Presets?

Now many of the users who don’t know how to import the presets to the lightroom classic or lightroom mobile then the whole guide is given in this preset package. The Colorbundle download folder has a tutorial video and a photo on how to import these presets on mobile as well as desktop. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

Final Words…

So, we guarantee you these are the best presets for every photo you want to edit. With just one click and you will see how your photos will have magic colors with this top preset tool. So, just download and make your Instagram game stronger.

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