What Is CFAHome?

If you work at Chick-fil-A or are planning to start working at the popular fast-food chain, knowing about their online employee portal or CFAHome is crucial. This is the place that enables the employees to keep track of all their relevant information and details related to their employment at the company.

However, since using a new online portal can be intimidating, we have done the work for you and sorted out all the information related to CFAHome, its features, and uses.

This article will explain more about CFAHome, its significance, and how you can get started on this platform.

More about CFAHome

CFAHome is a one-stop destination for all Chick-Fil-A employees. From your employee ID and details to your employment tenure, roster, and benefits, the platform takes care of it all.

This is an online portal, which the employees can access from their mobiles or through their PCs as well. It all fizzles down to the specific requirements of the employees and what information they want from the portal.

The portal also keeps the employees informed about the payroll information and pay stubs, if that’s something that you have been wondering.

How to access CFAHome?

As a first-time employee at Chick-fil-A, not knowing much about the portal and how to use it is normal. There’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Following your confirmed employment at the fast food restaurant, you should get access to relevant details regarding the employee credentials, which you’d need to be able to log into the portal.

Besides that, you have to follow the steps mentioned:

  1. Open your browser and type cfahome.com in the search bar
  2. This will redirect you to the CFA Home login page
  3. In the designated fields, enter the login credentials and tap on Next
  4. Enter the password after that
  5. Cross-check the details you have entered and press on login

This should help you gain access to the portal and your employee account on CFAHome. That’s pretty much it to be honest.

How to reset the password on CFAHome?

If you have forgotten your password or want to change it, the reset process is pretty simple. Follow the steps as mentioned:

  1. Open CFAHome’s official website and tap on “Need help signing in?”
  2. From there, you have to select a relevant option for your needs.
  3. Then, follow the on-screen instructions as they pop up

You might have to have access to the official email, etc. so ensure that you have all of that sorted out so you don’t face any issues with the password reset process.

What is the CFAHome Login Helpline?

If you are stuck with the account and nothing is helping you figure out what’s wrong, contacting the helpline is the safest bet. Following are the contact details:

System Administration: 800 232 2677

Address: 5200 – Buffington Road, Atlanta – GA 30349


CFAHome is a comprehensive online portal for Chick-Fil-A employees that contains all the relevant information that you can think of when it comes to being employed by the platform. If you are new and confused, we hope this explains everything in detail.

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