The main points that beginners should know when starting a game in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 attracts many players to its servers due to many mechanics from the MMO RPG and shooter, which will allow players to conduct their gameplay very dynamically and at the same time have many resources and moments for developing your character.

You will have many ways and types of destiny 2 carries that beginners need to use after they understand the basics.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Hero selection

To fully enjoy the game, you need to choose the right hero for your character and playing style.

Everyone will have the opportunity to shoot, but the differences between skills and playing styles will differ.

You can choose a titan – this is a defensive hero who has steel fists, which he can bring into battle at any time for contact battles and the knockdown effect.

At any moment, you can establish protection for the area, covering yourself and your allies from targeted fire, but the skill is directed and if the enemy bypasses you, and you do not react in time, you will receive full damage. The principle also applies to grenades.

You can choose a warlock as a full-fledged marksman and mage to use his skills to inflict massive damage on opponents while maintaining the ability to set up special zones in which you and your allies will receive attack boosts and healing.

You can choose the Hunter as a purely marksman and master of disguise – this is the only class that concentrates more on damage and deals the most consistent damage to monsters, other players in PVP and raids. The Hunter is the most popular and frequently picked hero in Destiny 2.

Weapons and equipment

Everything that can be used in battle has its own rank and level, which shows the degree of its quality.

When forming the strength of your character, the amount of all the equipment that you have is also taken into account, and for some tasks and raids it is important to have this amount, so always strive not only to boost in D2, but also to strengthen your character in all ways.

The most valuable rank is legendary, it is obtained in raids of a high level of difficulty, in the PVP event Trial of Osiris and other difficult events.

You will have access to a large selection of weapons by type, where the differences will be in damage, rate of fire, pace of movement when wielding them, and so on.


Each hero, in addition to weapons, will choose his own subclass in order to have all the necessary bonuses from him.

You can choose from Lightning, Void, Sun, or Stand, and also drop special ammo while leveling in Destiny 2.

Lightning provides massive damage and is suitable for a titan, as it allows him to deal his damage even while holding a shield that covers all party members.

The Void enhances skills, which is good for warlocks and allows them to deal great damage to opponents with magic.

The sun is suitable for hunters because it enhances targeted strikes, which is the main strength of a hunter, and the ability to deliver more strikes against armored targets.

The Stand is a new subclass that can be useful for every class.

For a titan, this is the ability to bleed when hit in close combat, which will cause enemies to lose health even if you stop damaging them.

For a warlock, this is an opportunity to change the type of his mass attacks from magic to shrapnel, which will make the damage more zoned and targeted.

For a hunter, this is an opportunity to vary his ranged attacks and melee damage with a dagger

Destiny 2
Destiny 2


Destiny 2 largely consists of quests that will direct your hero to inflict damage on opponents, or pass on assignments, and at the same time tell you the main story of the project and the reasons why humanity is fighting an alien threat.


You can at any time go to any location that suits your level to gain experience, glimmers and other resources, as well as receive weapons and equipment if you are lucky.

You can hunt alone, because in D2 all characters have sufficient potential to be leveled up alone, or gather full-fledged battle groups and speed up the boosting in D2 due to the increased number of monsters, even if all experience will be shared among your allies.


This is a raid format that is designed for a short passage by a small group of up to three players, but can also be completed alone.

You need to enter the zone, go through it, eliminating the guards and defeat the main boss, for killing whom you can get enhanced equipment and weapons.


A more difficult format that can bring you full-fledged equipment and weapons if you are lucky and find a good group for your assault.

Raids can be of three difficulty levels and by completing each of them, you will unlock the next one.

The Mythic level of the raid is the most difficult because the boss will be rampant and often use his skills without noticeable prompts, but if you win, you can get legendary equipment and weapons that often cannot be obtained in any other way.


You can go to a zone where PVP is not only not punished, but even encouraged.

This is a Trial of Osiris format in which players gather in groups of three and fight among themselves, trying to achieve a streak of victories and when you get 7 victories in a row, you can receive a legendary weapon, or equipment, which is indicated as a reward for the current season.

The rounds will be short, and finding opponents will not be a problem, so in PVP mode you can gain experience and rewards if you put in the right amount of effort.

New lands

In Destiny 2, the entire plot and events are centered around space and its exploration, so when you’re done with your active gameplay, just go explore planets like Neptune – a new location from the Lightfall update as a headquarters for subsequent battles and carrying out orders from Saint 13.

But don’t forget about other locations where you can simply travel, and not tie every action to a boost in Destiny 2.

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