Canyons Skyward: Everything you need to know

Online student management portals are gaining more and more traction and among them, Canyons Skyward is one that the parents, teachers, and students in Utah are talking a lot about. This portal is available to the ones in the Canyons School District, which is in Utah.

Besides the comprehensive one-stop solution for keeping the student’s details, progress, assignments, and resources in one place, the portal has also stood out as a great way for teachers to track the students’ attendance and also give online assignments as needed.

This article will take you along with all the information that you need to know about Canyons Skyward and everything related to the platform.

What is Canyons Skyward?

Canyons Skyward is the online student and employee records management system for the Canyons School District in Utah. It is used by students, parents, guardians, and employees to access grades, attendance, schedules, and other important information.

Students can use Canyons Skyward to:

  • View their grades and assignment scores
  • Check their attendance records
  • View their class schedules
  • Request teacher conferences
  • Update their personal information

Parents and guardians can use Canyons Skyward to:

  • View their child’s grades and assignment scores
  • Check their child’s attendance records
  • View their child’s class schedules
  • Request teacher conferences
  • Update their child’s personal information

Employees can use Canyons Skyward to:

  • View their paystubs and W-2 information
  • Request time off
  • Update their personal information
  • Access other employee resources

To be able to access this portal, the students, teachers, or parents must have access to the login credentials.

How to Log into Canyons Skyward?

Logging into the Canyons Skyward portal is simple. But, before you get to log into the portal, you must register on the platform.

Following that, you can follow the steps mentioned:

  • Open your browser and then type will redirect you to the official homepage from where you can log into the portal
  • There is a panel on the left-hand side for “family access” or “employees” where you can click on the relevant tab and then go ahead and log into the portal without any hassle.
  • Enter your username and password and relevant credentials and you are good to go.

There is also an option for you to click on if you have forgotten your username or password. If nothing is working, the last troubleshooting step is to directly contact your respective school admin authorities and ask them for further help through the situation. Ideally, you want to write down the credentials somewhere if you have a habit of forgetting things.

For the employees, they have an IT help desk that you can reach out to at 801-826-5544 and/or


The Canyons Skyward is an organized online portal that comes in handy for the students, parents, and teachers involved. If you have been wondering about this portal or how to get started with it, we recommend that you follow the steps that we have sorted out for you in this guide. Also, in case of any discrepancies, directly contact the school.

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