People love getting Ebooks online for free so that they can download and read it whenever they want. For that, Bookzz is a very popular platform to get thousands of data online for free. Well, was a free ebook download site to download the desired ebook for free. It was famous because it had a database of millions of free ebooks. But due to some privacy issue, world’s best online ebook website “BOOKZZ” shut down.

After the shutdown BOOKZZ, people say there is new domain “BOOKZZ.ORG” is up and running to download eBook for free without a torrent search engine. Also, we also said that new site can still not be trusted since it’s possible for it to be a mirror site, however, we have confirmed that the new site is not a mirror domain rather new address. Also, there are more bookzz alternative sites available online which are similar like Bookzz. So, let’s check the list!

Well, there is one BOOKZZ mirror site available which has the same interface like BOOKZZ and currently working.

Best Bookzz Alternative Websites

#1: Google Play Books

Google Play Books aka Google eBooks is very popular and trusted digital eBook distribution service operated by Google. You can digital eBook distribution service operated by Google under the Book section and also use the free option use some free books from the million of the lineup. There are different genre-wise books available like a business, travelling, children, biographies, romance, fiction, literature, comedy, health and much more.

#2: Amazon free Kindle books

Just like the Google Play Books, the Amazon Kindle book is now getting popularity because of its user-friendly interface and latest collection of book. It has become very popular among teenager as well as old age people. They can simply use the Kindle book to easily carry and read the favourite book. To get access to this, you need to log into your Amazon account in your Kindle device, select your favourite pick by author, name or genre and download any book you want to read. If you did like the BOOKZZ, then you have to try this.

#3: Bookboon

Just like BOOKZZ, Bookboon is currently the world’s largest online publishing company of eBooks, with over 50 million downloaded eBooks. It has millions of educational textbooks, business books and travel guides. If you are a student then you should try this Bookboon to get free textbooks and other stuff. It has very simple interface so that you can easily find your much required stuff by browsing. There is no registration needed for the downloads. is indeed a boon for all the readers. 10 best alternatives to Bookzz list wouldn’t be completed without mentioning this name.

#4: Open library

As the name of this ebook website like Bookzz suggested that it is a open library for everyone to get books and documents for free. Since it is the open source for all, you can also be edited in any catalogue if you have more information about the topic. You can also create some web page for any book published until now. There are a more than a million ebook collection available which you can simply search using subject, title and author name.

#5: Free e-book

Everyone love free knowledge and the “Free e-book” is one of the best Bookzz alternative website to get free eBook downloads eBook resources & eBook authors.  It has some attention-grabbing front page that allows you to look through books by authors, recent reviews, languages, titles and more easily. So, you can also try this Bookzz org like site.

#6: Getfreeebook

Are you ready to get free ebook and document? If so, then Getfreeebook is one of the great platforms to get free legal ebooks are available on the site in various popular formats. This Bookzz like site has a huge collection of education & learning, computers & internet, business and fiction to novels you to read. You can simply use Getfreeebook to find your favourite stuff without more efforts.

Well, these were some of the best Bookzz like websites you can use to get your much-needed ebook, textbooks, novels, and more without paying anything. Let us know if you have more sites like

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