Biggest Mistake Teachers Make When Integrating Technology

In the past ten years, technology has grown to be an integral part of our lives. It has made some of the work faster and more efficient. There is no doubt that technology has affected not just how we do things but also how we learn.

In this way, technology has helped achieve milestones in student learning. Gadgets and apps are integrated into the school’s requirements. Slowly, schools are accepting and following this trend. In this day and age, it’s important for teachers to know how to use these technologies in their lessons to maximize students’ learning ability. Through this, students can also cope with the ever-changing technology within and outside the classroom.

Integrating Technology

However, dealing with technology is still tricky. There should be a balance of motivating factors without distracting the students on purpose. Teachers need to know how to integrate these technologies well into their lessons that will help and enhance their students’ learning. As part of each teachers’ preparation, let’s look at the five biggest mistakes teachers make when integrating technology.

Not using the appropriate technology for the lesson

Nowadays, hundreds of technologies are being developed on a daily basis. One of the biggest mistakes teachers make is choosing technology that is not appropriate for the lesson. This comes from not fully understanding the actual technology. Knowing what app or gadget to use is key in maximizing the potential for students’ learning. With learning, there is no “one-size-fits-all”. Each app and gadget have a specific purpose and teachers need to find the best fit for their lessons.

For example, using a desktop PC might be a good gadget to use for a computer class but it’s too bulky for a reading class. Using an eBook reader app is great for a literature class but not for a math class. It can still work but it won’t maximize the students’ learning because it’s not a good fit. Knowing which gadget or app that’s appropriate for each lesson is the key.

Not using the full features of technology

Another mistake made by teachers is not using the full features of a certain app or gadget. It can be because of the generation gap or the fast-paced changes in one technology from another, but sometimes, teachers do not maximize the technology. It is important that teachers are well-informed and well-adept in the technology that they are using for their classes. How will the teachers teach the students how to use an app if they themselves don’t know how to use it?

Sometimes, teachers use multiple apps for different purposes when it can all be done in one. In this case, the student ends up having to learn how to use multiple technologies on top of learning the actual lessons itself. It slows down the student’s learning since there is too much to take in.

Using technology solely for a past-time activity

Gadgets and apps are not just informative, but also entertaining. In this case, sometimes teachers use gadgets for its latter purpose. Using technology for past-time activities to pass the time is so easy, but teachers must refrain from doing this. It sends a wrong message to students. Instead of encouraging students to use technology for learning purposes, they’ll equate technology for entertainment purposes only. Students already receive this message outside of the classroom so it’s important that teachers reiterate that technology is not solely for entertainment within the classrooms.

Relying too much on technology

The biggest mistake a teacher could make is relying too much on technology. Apps and gadgets are tools to enhance the learning experience. But sometimes, teachers think of technology as their crutch. They find good technology and expect technology to satisfy all the students’ learning needs. This is never effective. It is still important for the teacher to use their teaching techniques and pedagogies to effectively teach students. The apps and gadgets are only there to support and help the teacher in ensuring the students understand and digest the knowledge shared to them. However, when it comes to checking your paper, it is important to stick with the help by top-notch Pro-Papers editing service. Otherwise, it will take too much time.

Remember, technology makes learning faster and efficient if it is applied at the right time, place, and amount. Nevertheless, teachers must still strive to improve their teaching techniques to ensure their students are learning. Embracing technology as a teaching tool is a step toward a teacher’s improvement.

It’s also important not to disregard the fact that students learn at different paces and styles. Using technology correctly and appropriately does not automatically solve this problem in learning, but it can definitely lessen the gap. Teachers, and students must be committed to ensuring learning is achieved before, after, and during classes.

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