BestMovies888: Everything You Need to About this Illegal Streaming Website


Since Netflix has gained great success among the users with its online streaming services, many new competitors have joined the market. Disney, Apple, Warner Bros, and many big companies have come up with their own streaming platform. People love various movie titles are available on each streaming app or website. However, the problem is that a user has to pay for each service where he/she want to watch movies or series, eventually, this can dig a big hole in the viewers’ pocket. That is why many users use free streaming websites like bestmovies888. Although, using websites similar to is illegal as they host copyrighted content several users prefer this free alternative to Netflix.


What Is BestMovies888?

If you also download or stream movies online then you might be familiar with free movie websites like pubfilm,, GoMovies, RARBG, and the list goes on. Similarly, BestMovies888 is another free streaming website where people can watch and download all the popular movies and series without any problem.

The site can be accessed at The site hosts all the latest movies to the classic films and series that were released years ago. Many users don’t know about this free movie downloading website, but it offers some exclusive content.

Should I Use

We do not encourage our readers to watch movies for free online at illegal websites. Authorities and Google are trying hard to remove free movie websites that offer copyrighted content and breach the DMCA rules. However, since most users worldwide use such sites, you can use bestmovies888 to stream HD movies at your own risk. Sites similar to bestmovies888 are always under the threat of getting blocked or banned in your region so, you have to have some other best alternatives to bestmovies888.

Is Available? Why Can’t I Access Best Movies 888?

At the time of writing this article, we search for on Google and we found no results. We also tried to search this site on Yahoo but this site is not available on the internet. Thus, we can say that the domain or is not available. This clearly indicates that people who are looking forwards to watch movies and series online should look for the top bestmovies888 alternatives.

Should I Use Alternatives to is an illegal movie streaming website that offered free movies and shows. Its specialty was in offering 1080p and 720p HD movies and series. As of now, this website is completely shut down. Yes, bestmovies888 is shutdown. You can choose the best similar websites like

Again, we would suggest that using pirated websites seem easy and simple but it can cause you many problems. You can be a victim of malware or viruses. This is why you can use the legal and free movie apps as alternatives to

Best Alternatives 2021


Tubi or Tubi TV is among the best free alternatives to It is an app for iOS and Android with a wide variety of quality online movies to watch and stream for free online. It has a lot of interesting categories like “Not on Netflix”, “Only free in Tubi”, Indie movies, cult classics, and many others. If you don’t know what to watch then, Tubi has a category, Most Popular Movies, where you can select what you should from the current trend.

This is legal and free. There is no risk to your data or privacy. Plus, it has a quite powerful offer of films if we compare it with other similar services of the competition, although the big downside is that due to online streaming rights, this legal online streaming available only in limited countries. However, you can use VPN to access its US catalog of more than 50,000 movies and TV shows titles.

2.Sony Crackle

As the name of this BesMovies888 alternative says it is backed by Sony. It is probably the biggest free and legal movie app to watch free and legal movies on the internet. Owned by Sony for not long, Crackle offers an excellent catalog of popular movies in HD quality and with good sound. All this with exclusive content for the platform, a fast search engine presents you all the movies and series available on the app very quickly.

Crackle may not have the latest movies and TV shows, but you can enjoy many popular titles as well as classic cult series and movies here. It runs ads on the apps that could be annoying for many users, but this is the way they make money. Although we can register and create an account, the truth is that it is not necessary to watch the movies online and for free. You can download this free movie app on your iOS as well as Android phones.


This is a platform that we use daily to watch videos and songs on our mobile phones. But not many people know that YouTube is a hub of full-length movies as well.  It is true that there are films that are uploaded to YouTube illegally, but they are usually deleted after a short time. Fortunately, if what we are looking for is an alternative to BestMovies888 that does not violate copyright rights within YouTube, we also have options. There are many channels on YouTube that upload full movies legally and free.

Along with free channels, YouTube also has many movies uploaded to its catalog of movies. You would find plenty of movies on the YouTube Movies section. The collection of movies includes English, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, and many other languages. Again, just like the premium streaming services, you would not find the latest releases here. If you want to watch some old or movies then YouTube is the best option for you. This can be the easiest and simple substitute to


If you like classic films and want to watch them in original quality then, SnagFilms can be the b best substitute to BestMovies888. It is the apex and providing documentaries and independent films. It is available in several countries and users can watch local as well as international movies submitted by independent artists. It has movies in several genres. From Hindi, Spanish, Korean, to Chinese, and in several other languages, viewers can enjoy the content.

It claims to have more than 5,000 titles including documentaries, TV shows, movies, and similar. This also means that SnagFilms has old Hollywood movies as well. In the honor of LGBT community, it also offers a dedicated category for gay and lesbian in movies. Along with all that, you will also find action, drama, horror, thriller, and similar popular genres at this alternative to All the movies are highly rated so that you may not encounter inferior content. It runs ads, which can be irritating for some users. Another drawback is the lack of subtitle support in several foreign-language movies.


This is another great alternative to BestMovies888, which is totally legal and offers high-quality movies in HD. The Vudu website offers free movies legally and with the need for registration, and it is maintained thanks to the ads, not irritating though. There is no charge for registration or streaming content on this website. The service does not have the latest releases but still has a catalog loaded with blockbusters and very popular movies from a few years ago. There are various categories available.

It has many popular movies and TV shows. Vudu claims to have over 1,000 free movies in HD quality. The app is available for free on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Along with Hollywood blockbusters, it has also got a special genre of animation for kids. You can set a premier of popular animated movies on your PC or mobile without paying a single penny. All in HD and with good audio quality.


Seeing the success of Netflix, Disney+, HBOMax, and similar streaming services, NBC has come up with its own streaming service inspired by its logo, Peacock. If what we are looking for is quality content, current, as well as modern classics from television and cinema, this is a platform that we cannot ignore. Peacock is NBCUniversal’s streaming service, and the good news is that in addition to having a paid subscription, it also offers ad-supported free access plans. All the content from the NBC universe is available here. The free access to NBC’s peacock limits you stream only in SD as HD quality is reserved for premium members.

The catalog of Peacock includes many blockbusters for free. Jurassic Park, Jason Bourne series, popular TV shows like The Office. This can be one of the best and legal alternatives to Users can download this application on their Android as well as Android phones and access

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