AnimeHeaven: The Best Online Sources to Watch Anime Online

In the past few years, when the culture of online streaming has increased, the fans of anime entertainment have surged exponentially. The audience all around the world appreciates this Japanese entertainment form. The stories, characters, and graphics of several anime series and movies are loved everywhere. However, since most anime shows are created in Japan, it is hard to find English dubbed anime series. Besides, most anime content is available in the premium catalog of services. That’s why many users prefer free anime streaming services like AnimeHeaven.


AnimeHeaven is an illegal website that offers HD anime series for free. Users can watch all the popular shows, movies, and manga here. There is no fee, and high-quality content appeals to the players. But such sites are not safe for the users as they may have malware and freeware that can be hazardous for your device. That’s why we have enlisted some best alternatives to AnimeHeaven, where you can watch anime legally and in high-quality.

Top Free and Legal Applications to Watch Anime Online


Crunchyroll is a streaming service that offers Asian content such as dramas, manga, and anime. They have hundreds of anime programs, and there are already millions of users around the world who have downloaded their applications to be able to enjoy their service. In addition, it works as a community in which to interact with other people who share the same hobbies. Crunchyroll can be download on mobile platforms for free, and PC users can use its website. It offers a lot of content for free. However, users need to opt for its premium subscription to access the latest anime in HD.


If you are willing to pay to watch quality content, one of the best apps to watch anime on Android and iOS and the top AnimeHeaven alternative is the Netflix application. The platform has a comprehensive catalog of titles of this genre’s series and films, with all its variants. It may not have occurred to you to look in their catalog to see the number of options they have, but it is true. Most anime series available on this application are dubbed in English, but you may also find some original series with English subtitles.


This is not an application available on either Google Play or the App Store, but it is a website that can be one of the best alternatives to AnimeHeaven. You can watch your favorite content for free. It is an optimized website that offers high-quality Japanese anime dubbed in English. It contains different titles that you can see through the platform, but, yes, it does not let you download them. Everything on this anime streaming website is accessible.

Amazon Prime Video

Also, on Amazon Prime Video, you have an extensive collection of exciting anime content. The collection may not be as extensive as on Netflix and Crunchyroll, but you will find enough content if your new to the anime world. This AnimeHeaven alternative comes with a premium subscription, but you can also try its one-month free trial to check the anime category before paying.


KissAnime was started as a web page, and its app can now also be downloaded to enjoy it on mobile devices. It has a lot of anime available, and it is one of the best applications to watch anime for free. Besides, it is an application to view titles of this type in English and offers some premiere programs. It is an option that can be the top AnimeHeaven alternative. You can access a massive content of anime instantly with English subtitles as well as dubbed versions.


Another exciting platform to watch anime in English is Funimation, which contains some anime titles and allows you to search so you can go directly to your favorite shows. This anime streaming application offers a vast collection of anime in dubbed and subbed versions. Since it is legal anime streaming application, it allows the users to access its limited content only. If you wish to explore its entire catalog, you would have to opt for its paid subscription. It has different genres and an option to save a list with the titles you want to see later.


This is another excellent website which free and lets you watch anime and manga for free. Just like AnimeHeaven, GoGoAnime is a pirate website, so it offers you a vast collection of anime series and movies for free illegally. The catalog of all popular movies and series is available for free in HD. Without a doubt, this can be one of the best alternatives to AnimeHeaven. It offers subbed and subbed anime. Plus, all the latest anime series are uploaded here with English subtitles instantly after being broadcast in Japan.


Here, MAL stands for MyAnimeList. It is a community-based website dedicated to anime lovers worldwide. This AnimeHeaven alternative has a lot of anime content available. Its mobile application is also available, which only compatible with Android. This platform allows you to create a list with your favorite content. You will also have a lot of information from other fans, such as opinions, analysis, ratings, and even news and articles related to the anime universe. You can also chat with other fans, receive notifications about your favorite content, and even make anime and manga purchases within the platform itself. You need to sign up on this website. MyAnimeList may not let you stream anime, but this site could be the perfect choice for anime lovers.

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