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There are lots of questions about admitme in the minds of people who love to stream movies and TV shows for free online. If you are here to find about admitme then you probably know what it does. FYI, admitme is one of the best free streaming sites to watch all the popular movies and TV shows online without paying a penny. But recently there were many buzzes across the internet and many users are asking about what happened t admitme as they cannot access the site anymore. Let’s find out.


What happened to admitme and why can’t I access admitme anymore?

You might have type ‘admitme’ on Google and you wouldn’t have found the official link of this streaming site on the Google results and now you are thinking admitme may be shutdown. So, first of all, we want to tell you the truth that yes, admitme was shut down for a while but now it is available again. If admitme is available then why can’t you access?

Google has a strict policy against piracy and copyright issues and that is admitme was taken down for a few months. But now the site is back with the same URL and can enjoy the free stuff of entertainment this site has to offer. So how can I open admitme?

How to access admitme? Admitme proxy and mirror link

As we said Google has banned admitme from listings so you have to use another search engine to find the official site or you can open the site with the link directly. It can be accessed on its old domain name. We are not sure the site has been revived by its old developers or not but you will find the same UI and the similar content so we can assume the admitme is back. Here is the new admitme link:

Best Admitme Alternatives 2021 | Top similar sites like admitme 2021

Along with Google, your ISP (Internet Service Providers) may also block your access to any site and currently I am facing the same issue. My Wi-Fi provider isn’t allowing me to access admitme right now. In this case, you can use any trusted VPN service or you can opt for some of the best alternative sites like admitme. So to lessen your burden, we have made a list of some of the best free streaming sites where you can enjoy all the movies, TV shows, and fun without paying any charge. These are the best free Netflix alternatives.


Whenever I made a list of the best free movie streaming sites for free I always put this site in the list and this post is no exception. Pubfilm can be the top admitme alternative as it provides all the TV shows and movies for free streaming online. Additionally, you can enjoy anime which is great form anime lovers. Here, you can watch movies and TV shows without sign up and it shows fewer ads than other similar sites. To block the ads completely you can use adblocker extension on your PC. Pubfilm supports all the devices with the browser so you can enjoy free movies online on mobile phones.

Afdah Movies

This name may new for you but it is a good and trustable site to watch movies and TV shows. Although, the collection of TV series may not be up to the mark as the TV show section is still in beta. But when you want to watch movies with great streaming servers then afdah can be one of the best sites similar to admitme. No sign-up or registration is required. Afdah is compatible with all the iOS, Android, and Windows devices. On its homepage, you have got various genres to choose from. With the search bar, you can find any movie. You can watch all the latest movies in HD for free.

Them4ufree or M4ufree TV

Them4ufree is also a trusted name in the list of free movie streaming sites. Just like admitme, this site is the victim of Google’s policies so you can’t access it from Google. Them4ufree has been changed to the new domain name – M4ufree tv. The site has a massive collection of movies and TV shows all over the world. This could be the best admitme alternative as this site is not going anywhere now. You can access it at your own disposal from any of your devices. The site is simple and it has an amazing interface so you can enjoy free stuff without any problem. So just dive into the world of free entertainment with this alternative to admitme.

Final words…

This is how you can access admitme from any of your devices with just a little trick that you don’t have to use Google. If you want to explore more similar sites like admitme then you can select from the list we have mentioned above. If you know some more sites where you can watch free movies and TV shows then you can tell their names in the comment box.

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