How To Get Access to Starfield Xbox Game?

The kind of virtual world that Bethesda has created with Starfield has left the audience excited and in a state of wanting more. So, with the official release of early access, gamers from across the world are excited to know more about the process of getting that access without any hassle.

If you own an Xbox and are planning to play Starfield on that console, wondering how you can access the game in there is a fair question.

This article will take a look into all the different ways you can access Starfield on your Xbox special way.

What are Different Ways to Access Starfield Xbox Game?

If you want to access Bethesda’s Starfield game on your Xbox, there are three factors that you have to keep in mind:

  • You can purchase the game on your Xbox when it finally launches on September 06, 2023.
  • If you have a Game Pass subscription on your Xbox, you can go ahead and use that subscription to play the game.
  • You can pre-order the Digital Premium, Premium Upgrade, or Constellation editions of the Starfield game.

The only way to get early access a week before the official launch is if you opt for the pre-ordering route. Gamers will get access to the early access around a week before.

How to play Starfield early access with Xbox Game Pass?

If you are wondering if you can access Starfield for free using the Xbox Game Pass, the short answer is you can’t.

However, if you upgrade your Standard edition of the Xbox game pass to the Premium edition, it will give you access to the pre-order version of the game a week before the game is officially released.

You can get access to the Premium edition via Xbox Series X|S and the Microsoft Store. The upgrade from the standard to the premium version costs an additional $34.99. Not only will you get access to the early access, but it also gives you a lot of additional perks.

In hindsight, the amount might seem a little steep for an upgrade but it is a fairly decent price when you take notice of the perks that come with it.


If you want to play Starfield on Xbox, we recommend that you follow the steps and tips we have sorted for you in this guide. At present, there’s no way to access the game for free. However, a simple upgrade of the Xbox game pass will enable you to get early access to the game a week before its official release.

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