A Family Picture Video Is One Of The Best Gifts You Can Give – Here’s How You Can Easily Make One

Picture videos are the perfect tools to keep your memories organized in a picturesque fashion. A family photo video is one of the most adorable gifts one could give to their family.

While preparing one, the traditional definition of photo videos being a sequence of photos should be discarded. Instead, a subtle congregation of memorable images, video clips, text, and music should be inculcated.

One must create an outline and prepare the content accordingly to save time in the creation process.

Creating an Outlook

One must consider the following points while rendering a beautiful photo video for their loved ones –

Construct an Organized Framework 

 While creating a photo video, you must remember that the objective here is not to merely combine a bunch of photos and clips. The goal here is to develop a story and give it an emotional touch, so it connects with the audience.

Family Picture

You should know how to deliver those memorable pictures in the form of a beautiful storyline. Would you consider a chronological or a thematic order? While creating the video, you must remember certain milestones and organize photos in such a way that it would ambush the audience with surprise and euphoria.

Employ a Beautiful Template

A picture video would automatically look more appealing if you implement an eye-catching template. That would give a touch of elegance to your picture video and help organize stuff in a better way on the screen.

One should prefer online platforms that offer such templates that perfectly suit his/her requirements.

InVideo is one such online video editor that offers numerous templates to choose from and customize them accordingly. It is a professional photo video maker and offers a variety of choices to tweak your content the way you want it to be delivered.

Choose Pictures and Videos Adequately

Before beginning to compile and render your video, you must have an idea about the length you desire. This would tell you about the number of photos to use and their screen-time.

Average screen-time should be – 

  • Every photo must have about 3 to 6 seconds, ranging from random pictures to the intricate ones.
  • A slideshow with detailed pictures and clips should last 2-4 minutes. If you wish to create a rather flowing video with random pictures, then it should be about 30 seconds to a minute.

If your video is 5 minutes long, it should hold about 65-70 photos and about 2-3 short clips.

Sort Through Your Photos and Clips

Throwing in photos or clips randomly just because you wish to create a heavy slideshow is not what you should aim for.

  1. You must devise a way to tell your story shortly and using content that can aid the story. Avoid repetitive and monotonous material.
  2. Choose photos with good lighting and focus and videos that are stable and cover your storyline properly. The subject should be highlighted in all of them.
  3. If possible, avoid too detailed photos as the audience should not struggle to locate the subject and relate to the story.
  4. Choose photos that are more expressive in terms of actions and emotions. The audience connects better to such content.
  5. Prioritize horizontal photos over the vertical ones as they easily fit the screen and widen the viewing angle.

Maintain Order and Edit 

Once you are done with the task of shortlisting your content, it’s time to arrange them in sequential order. Arrange the pictures in a way that your story is neatly depicted without any explanations.

A good way to do this is by numbering the images, so you don’t lose track of the sorted and unsorted ones.

The next step is to edit your content before finally creating a picture video. Trim, crop, and add effects to your photos. That would make them look more appealing and help draw the attention of the audience primarily towards the subject.

Adjust the lighting and focus settings, but don’t overuse filters. That would make the pictures look superficial. Use extra effects if you wish to create a dramatic sensation in your content.

Preparing The Video

After you are done accumulating content, here are the steps to finally prepare the video –

  • Add Text

One can include texts in their picture video to give a vivid and self-explanatory outlook to your family. If the video itself is less descriptive, then the text would do the job of keeping your family engaged.

This would keep your family immersed in the content and never stagger-off from the storyline.

  • Soundtrack Your Video

Music is a very powerful element in your content. It will be a key aspect of steering your family’s emotions when they see the video. While preparing the story, you must know how you want your family to feel, excited, entertained, or sentimental.

Choose from a wide variety of soundtracks available on InVideo to help you deliver an immaculate gift to your family. It is an online photo slideshow maker with music free, so your content creation is never halted.

  • Pick The Right Editing Tool

You must be very thorough and careful while choosing your editing tool since it would add wonders to your content. Picking the right video editor would suggest ways to improve your video, add beautiful animations, suggest transitional effects, soundtrack your content, and much more.

InVideo is an online video editing tool that helps you prepare professional and majestic video content using professional templates.

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