5 Ways Big Data is Transforming the Online Casino Industry

The online gambling industry has been experiencing rapid growth and development since Microgaming was released in the early 1990s. Big data is playing a huge impact on the online gambling sector. Casino operators and players from different parts of the world now enjoy endless benefits from this development.

Stakeholders worldwide keep investing in the industry and reap huge returns. Mobile technology is also making the process a lot easier. Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can get access to games in the best casinos online.  

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How is big data gathered in online casinos?

A significant percentage of top online casinos often take advantage of big data and analyze it with AI tools. Most of them are leaving no stone unturned to get the most out of it. It’s common for these casinos to work with big data scientists.

Security remains a major concern when it comes to collecting data from different sources online. There is no cause to worry once you do your due diligence and register at trustworthy casino sites. They usually rely on the latest security tools and techniques to protect their customers’ data. Asides that, each online casino site that uses big data is monitored by the government.

Information will be garnered from the moment each player signs up at the site. Online casinos ensure that they track player’s activities to deliver nothing short of exceptional service regularly.

Here are 5 ways that big data is changing the online casino industry.

  • Boosts customer retention rate

It goes without saying that the online casino sphere is highly competitive unlike several years ago. Retaining the existing customers is equally as important as attracting new ones in every sector of the economy. Big data analytics can come in handy to achieve this feat and enable them to remain relevant for a long period of time.

Online casino players are exposed to a plethora of options and can be easily distracted. They will likely try a competitor if they are not satisfied. Some online casino operators may tackle this by considering important factors like demographics. Another solution is to roll out different UK poker bonuses ranging from welcome bonuses to VIP bonuses. Bonuses never fail to work if the wagering requirements are reasonable.

  • It helps players to predict outcomes

Big data is a viable tool for predicting accurate outcomes. Poker players that improve this ability over time will win more games. It involves uploading and studying the data of two different team. This will enable the players to determine the outcome of games. Integrating advanced big data analysis for this step has up to 90% accuracy most of the time. 

  • Better game strategy

Every serious poker player desires to improve his/her skills regardless of whether they have a short-term or long-term plan. Many players see online casino sites as a mean to win extra money and not only for entertainment purposes. It’s not surprising that some players now earn a living by playing games in various online poker rooms. However, have a solid plan in place before quitting your job if this is part of your plan for the New Year or in the nearest future.

The house usually has an edge over players in the past. Technology is changing everything, making the odds to be in the players’ favor. The professionals regularly participate in tournaments that are held mostly during weekends. Online casinos leverage the information from these tournaments to help players develop and improve their strategies.

  • Bookmakers can offer customized services

Customized services were designed for VIP players in traditional casinos before online casinos became mainstream. The loyalty of each player boils down to experience. Complete personalization is possible in this digital age as long as casinos have access to enough data and the right tools.

Customized loyalty programs are no longer a new trend. There is hardly any poker player that will stick to an online casino that fails to offer customized services. Bookmakers now try their best to provide realistic odds to their teeming customers. They tend to achieve this by studying the intricacies of previous games through the lens of the big data analysis. This enables them to provide a personalized experience to poker players.

The bookmakers that take this approach understand the importance of tailoring offers and notifications to each user in real time. They can also include online surveys in their campaigns on different channels.

  • Robust marketing strategy

The online casino industry never wastes time in integrating the latest technology. This fact alone is instrumental to its unprecedented growth. Casino operators now design their strategy in a way that players will find them irresistible. The traditional method of processing data can’t handle this due to its many limitations.

It’s easier to come up with appealing offers when casino operators understand their customers’ gaming patterns, needs, and preferences. The next thing is to share more information about the latest promotion and coupon codes via email and other platforms. Such operators will attract more players naturally.

  • Future trends in the online gambling industry

The future of the online gambling industry is incomplete without big data and AI. Experts have predicted some of the trends that will dominate in 2019 and beyond. They include:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Social Gambling
  • Smart Contract Casinos.

The goal of these trends is to improve the user experience. For instance, VR is set to offer an immersive experience that is similar to playing games in a real-life casino. Some of the trends are already in their early stages of development. It’s only a matter of time before they are introduced and widely embraced.

Although the reputable online casino operators focus on optimal security, each gambler should take proactive steps towards security. It’s better to rely on strong passwords, opt for two-factor authentication and install the latest security software on gaming devices. This will ensure that your online casino account and personal information are protected at all times.

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