5 Tips To Getting Your Posts To Automatically Go Viral

We all want our posts to go viral. We want to receive more views, shares, likes and so on overnight on our posts because it means that our voice and brand is getting out there.

However, not all posts automatically go viral. Actually, only a few and exceptional posts go viral. That is why you find people resorting to other means to increase the chances of the content going viral such as buying Instagram likes from Automatic Viral.

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Nevertheless, you don’t have to follow that particular path.  You can still take your chances and work towards having your post automatically going viral.

Here are a few helpful tips.

  1. Create a compelling headline

Your headline should be enticing and engaging such that people will want to click on it, read, like and share. Brainstorm on different headlines and settle on the ones that can have more impact.  For instance, BuzzFeed creates numerous headlines for each article and then settles on one.

Posts that include the word love in the headline also get shared a lot.

Have a curious, catchy and benefit-driven headline that will draw more clicks. Just ask, if it were you, would you click on that headline.

  1. Create quality content

People share posts that they find funny, helpful and entertaining. If a particular post has made you laugh, entertained you, or provided helpful tips, then you would definitely want to share it with your friends.

You don’t have to be too serious when creating content. A little humor could be all your post needs to go viral.

Another common feature on the most shared posts is images. Create posts that are visually rich with beautiful images.

Do you have something new to share? A post that goes deeper into a topic with newly found information can drive shares. Therefore, do research and find new information that could be helpful to your audience.

Warning posts also tend to go viral since people are likely to share cautionary information. You can create posts that warn people of mistakes or risks they are likely to be taking and they are not even aware. Posts on trends and quizzes also get more views and shares.

Remember to keep your posts short, use images, subheadings and points to keep it interesting because of the short attention spans that people have.

  1. Be human

Post content that people can relate to. Maybe you have discovered a particular way to kick away a bad habit or a new way to achieve a goal.  People tend to share what they can apply in their lives and what they can relate to.

It should also be something genuine such as a how-to guide on a particular hack.

  1. Use lists

Posts that have been known to go viral were listicles. Better still, if you combine lists and creative images, your posts are likely to get more attention, more views, and more shares and consequently go viral.

  1. Accept comments

Allow your audience to leave their opinion on the post. If people can express their views, they are also likely to like and share the content. Make sure you respond regardless of whether the comment is controversial or good.

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