5 Things To Know About Using A Dash Camera

Dash cameras are built to help you record live videos as you drive. In many cases, a car dash camera can be used to capture great moments on your drive – it could also be very helpful in times of accidents since it provides legal evidence of a collision. In other occasions, you might be lucky enough to record footage that goes viral on social media. Therefore, these cams are a great way to have fun on a ride while at the same time ensuring that your rights are protected as you drive.

Dash cameras cannot be compared with professional video cameras or smartphone cameras. The cam is designed to record videos as you drive, without experiencing any distortion despite the speed you are driving at. You might be wondering if you can still capture videos during the night with these cams. Good news is, Spycentre.com has dash cameras designed to record even during the night.

dash camera

Here are 5 things you need to know about using dash cameras:

  1. How to mount a dash camera

This is the first thing you’ll need to know about the dash camera once you buy one. There are several ways you can do it. You can mount it onto the dash or from your windshield through suction mounts which are pretty strong. Some people may also prefer adhesive mounts that stick onto the windscreen or the dash. It, therefore, depends on which option works best for you.

  1. Dash cam auto start and stop

The auto stop and start feature of the dash cam separates it from a video shoot or a smartphone camera. The cam comes with a power cable which you connect to your cars power source of a cigarette lighter.  The socket gets power the moment you ignite your car hence triggering the dash camera which happens to be connected to your cars power outlet. The dash camera shuts down whenever it senses power loss in the socket like when you turn your ignition off.

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  1. Dash cam loop recording

The loop recording feature allows you to record as much without the camera stopping as a result of full memory. It, therefore, means the cam can overwrite on your memory card in addition to videos you have recorded previously. This way you don’t have to format or delete files in your memory card when it gets full giving you an opportunity to capture each and every moment of your drive.

  1. Car dash cam resolution

As you may know, one of the common things about professional video shooting cameras is HD recording. A good number of the dash cameras have the ability to record videos to up to 1080p 30 frames per second which is quite good. They are therefore instrumental when you want to capture enough details such as number plates, road symbols, and even street lights. You can set your dash camera to any resolution you wish.

  1. Wireless connectivity

In the era we are living in it is no wonder that dash cameras can connect to your smartphone or the internet through Bluetooth or WIFI. By combining your cam to your phone, you are able to manage the cams settings, the footage and many more all from your phone. Comparing it to the internet also enable you to upload your recordings directly to the cloud. Mostly Bluetooth connectivity is usually enough for most people.

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